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 Post subject: >>Esteleth's Charries<<
PostPosted: July 26th, 2008, 3:29 pm 
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I haven't done LotR RP very much. Hopefully my charries aren't too sue-ish...

Also, I haven't read the LotR books in a while, so there may be inconsistencies...what age does this RP take place in, anyways? xD

Mostly, I RP on the tag board.


Race: Elven

Age: 98

Gender: Female

Physical description: Esteleth has an average build, with light skin and dark chocolate-brown hair that falls to halfway down her back. She usually keeps it down without braiding it. Her eyes a grey-ish green. She's not exceptionally attractive, and is plain and average-looking as far as Elves go.
She usually wears simple dresses--or a tunic and leggings when she travels, in green or grey shades and a dark gray cloak.

Personality: Esteleth is somewhat naiive and childlike at times, but she isn't stupid, either. She knows how to take care of herself, but she can get over-confident at times, and she has a bad habit of not taking threats seriously. Esteleth is quiet, and isn't one to start a conversation, but she is well-mannered and friendly. She doesn't get angry easily, but when she does, she holds grudges and is slow to forgive.

Companions: A palomino stallion, Elental, who is very lazy and stubborn.

Weapons: A bow and arrow that she doesn't use very often, and a long dagger/short sword that she usually keeps at her side.

Family Members:
Father: Ruindir
Mother: Bórwen
Brother: Erynion

History: Esteleth's father was from Mirkwood (his father had brought him to live there when he was an elfling.) When he went on a trip to Lothlorien, he met and fell in love with Esteleth's mother, Bórwen. Ruindir stayed in Lothlorien and married Bórwen. A few years after Esteleth was born born, Ruindir decided to take his family to visit his old home in Mirkwood. Bórwen was taken and presumably killed by the dark things in Mirkwood, and Ruindir imediatly rode back to Lorien with his children so that they would be safe. Ruindir spent most of his time guarding the borders and hunting orcs, leaving Erynion to raise Esteleth most of the time. Just recently, Esteleth has decided to leave Lothlorien and head to Mirkwood so that she may avenge her mother's death. ((Have I mentioned that she sometimes makes rash decisions? xD)) However, she got distracted on the trail and has found that she quite enjoys wandering around.


Race: Elven

Age: 199

Gender: Male

Physical description: Erynion has the tall build and light skin typical of his kind. His hair is strawberry-blonde, and he keeps it cut at around his chin--it's easier to take care of that way. He usually dresses in simple clothes and a dark cloak.

Personality: Eryn is more patient and likely to think through something, unlike his sister. He is also quiet, and doesn't prefer large groups, but he doesn't have a problem with starting a conversation. He doesn't get angry easily, and he also finds it easier to forgive than his sister. However, Erynion is very stubborn, and once he has made a decision, he will stick to it.

Companions: A black stallion with white stockings, named Collo.

Weapon: A long sword, and a dagger that he uses in emergencies.

Family Members:
Father: Ruindir
Mother: Bórwen
Brother: Erynion

History: See Esteleth's history. After Esteleth had been gone for about a week, Erynion got uneasy and decided it would be good for him to follow.


Race: Human

Age: 48

Gender: Male

Physical description: Daelang has tanned skin, and black hair that is beginning to turn grey. His small, narrow eyes are dark brown. He tries to keep his beard shaved, but most of the time, he has dark stubble. Daelang looks his age, almost older. He wears dark clothes, is usually seen in a hooded cloak, and doesn't like people to notice him.

Personality: Cynical and somewhat antisocial, Daelang doesn't like people. He's usually the quiet one drinking or smoking in the corner, but when he's provoked, he doesn't have a problem with making his opinions known--or using his sword. He has a reputation of someone who shouldn't be messed with, but he doesn't go around being violent for the sake of it. He's more likely to be violent when he's drunk. Daelang sometimes lies and he doesn't always keep his word, but according to him, he does try to uphold his own set of morals.

Companions: N/A

Weapon: A long sword with a black hilt

Family Members: Unknown

History: Daelang has a shadowy past, and he won't talk about it. He used to range with the Dunedain of the North, but he gave up that life so that he could settle down in Bree.

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