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 Post subject: Jax Nova
PostPosted: April 25th, 2017, 8:11 pm 
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Just moving this from an old RP site I used to be on so I have it here.

Name: Jax Nova
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Jax
Race: Human/Zabrak
Alignment: Gray
Age: 23
Size: Average
Body Type: Athletic and Slender
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Weight: 178 lbs
Complexion: Sun-Tanned skin
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray
Handedness: Right
Scars: None...yet
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: Dry sense of humor, sarcastic, but loyal to a fault
Mannerisms: Reserved, yet speaks his mind when needed. He likes to observe. More comfortable in small groups.
Likes: Athletic/Thrills such as rock climbing, fighting, adventure, experience new things, etc...
Dislikes: Deliberating, doing nothing, sitting still and doing nothing etc...


Jax Nova comes from a long line of Mandalorians in the Vizla clan. According to his family history his ancestors were originally members of the Nova Blades, a notorious group of pirates that operated on Rishi during the time of the Old Republic and the days of Darth Revan.

During this time the Nova Blades worked closely, for a time, with the mandalorian Shae Vizla and her clan on Rishi until the Nova Blades allied themselves with the Order of Revan. Jax's ancestors, who apparently disagreed with the decision stayed behind with Shae Vizla and her clan and were assimilated into the Vizla Mandalorian clan.

Although they were considered of the Vizla clan Jax's ancestors bore the last name of "Nova" hearkening back to their pirate days with the Nova Blades. Through the years they were fully integrated into mandalorian culture and nearly all wiped out by infighting during the Mandalorian wars. Half of the Nova family followed Tor Visla and his radical ideals, the other half rejected him.

When the Jedi attacked the Jaster Mereel's groups, then lead by Jango Fett, a few remaining members of the Nova family narrowly escaped the onslaught. They had left a day before the Jedi strike force arrived, and gone to forge a new life for themselves. Tired of infighting and bemoaning the loss of the Nova family and Clan Vizla, they settled on Rori where no one would bother them.

Down the years, when Jax came along his mother had left Rori and lived on Nal'Hutta as a hired gun for the Hutt Cartels. His father had passed away at a young age in a piloting accident. His father, turn smuggler, had left his mandalorian zabrak wife to raise their child on her own. All she knew was combat and the Cartels offered plenty of that.

She taught Jax everything she knew up until he was fifteen. Then... she went on a mission for the Hutts and never returned. He never did learn what happened to her. He tried taking her place, working for the Hutt Cartel as a hired gun. He soon realized, however, that was not the life for him.

He broke ties with the Cartels and began going after small bounties. It was enough to keep him alive, but he wasn't getting rich for sure. One day, on a bounty hunt, he ran across a man who recognized his mandalorian fighting techniques. The man offered him a chance at a new life. The mandalorians were gathering once more. A commonwealth was being formed to try and re-establish the mandalorian culture and nation.

Jax, always feeling very connected to his mandalorian heritage gladly accepted and joined the Mandalorian Commonwealth as a military man and works tirelessly to further the cause of the Commonwealth and his Mandalorian kin.



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