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Author:  tulk [ April 1st, 2006, 2:57 am ]
Post subject:  THE FALL OF THE REMNANT: Character/Info Topic


(the actual RPG itself can be found here. yes, yes. go there.)

Greetings. This is the introductory/character thread for the new RPG titled “The Fall of the Remnant.” The details of the topic and setting shall be outlined first, and information on how to join shall be given below the details.


1. You have to post a character in this thread to join.
2. You have to get your character approved by either Miremiel or tulk before you can post.
3. Stay realistic to the setting and Tolkien’s world in your actions. For example, no magical or otherworldly powers that are not used in Professor Tolkien’s works. Also, keep in mind that Middle-Earth was much different in 1432 than when the War of the Ring took place. Notable differences are that Rohan and the Shire do not exist yet.
4. You must create your own character instead of using Tolkien’s own characters. His characters will be in the story, but can only be controlled at different times in the story with the permission of either Miremiel or tulk.
5. You can only powerplay someone else’s character with their permission.
6. You can only post in the RPG itself once a day. This is for 2 reasons: 1, to reduce the time people have to devote each day to the RPG (thus allowing more people to participate), and 2, to encourage people to spend more time on their posts instead of just posting one or two-liners, as you won’t have to rush to get your post in before somebody else does.
7. And last but not least, have fun!


Link to map

The year is 1432 TA (Third Age), and the realms of the Dúnedain are under threat of falling apart. In the north, the three kingdoms of Arnor (Arthedain, Rhudaur, and Cardolan) are being invaded by the dread country known as Angmar. In the south, King Valacar of Gondor is about to die, and disunity arises as the people refuse to accept his half-blooded son Eldacar as his rightful heir.

Details on King Valacar
Valacar was the son and heir of the great King of Gondor, Rómendacil II. While Rómendacil still sat on Gondor's throne, he developed a strong alliance with the Northmen who lived to the east of Mirkwood. To further the close friendship between Gondor and these Northmen, Rómendacil sent Valacar as an ambassador to the court of their leader Vidugavia, who styled himself King of Rhovanion.
Rómendacil had intended that his son should learn something of the language and culture of the Men of Rhovanion, but he had not foreseen how strongly Valacar would be drawn to the Northmen. He went so far as to wed Vidumavi, daughter of Vidugavia, a union that would bring great troubles in the future.
The Northmen did not share the long lives of the Gondorians, and Vidumavi died even before Valacar had succeeded his father as King. Nonetheless, she bore Valacar an heir. He was raised with the name Vinitharya in the eastern lands, but returned to Gondor with his father as Eldacar. These events caused unrest throughout Valacar's reign - it was believed that the pure Númenórean blood of the Royal House would be lost.
By the last years of Valacar's reign, certain southern provinces of Gondor saw this unrest break out into full rebellion. In the year Valacar died, 1432 TA, this rebellion became a civil war, a dark and bloody period known as the Kin-strife that would last for the next fifteen years, until Eldacar managed to secure his throne.

Details on Eldacar the Half-Blooded
The son of King Valacar of Gondor and Vidumavi. Vidumavi was the daughter of Vidugavia of the Northmen, the self-styled King of Rhovanion, and so Eldacar was of only half-Gondorian descent, a fact that led many to doubt Eldacar's right to rule. After his father's death, he sat on the throne for just five years when civil war broke out in Gondor. Ultimately, he was deposed by his Captain of Ships, Castamir, who took the throne himself.
Eldacar escaped into the north, where he spent ten years raising an army before he returned to reclaim his throne. In a great and bloody battle at the Crossings of Erui, Castamir was defeated and the remnant of his forces fled into the south, to Umbar. Eldacar ruled for another forty-three years after this war, known as the Kin-strife. His eldest son Ornendil had died at Castamir's hands, and he was succeeded by his second son, Aldamir.

Details on Castamir the Usurper
A Gondorian noble, the great-grandson of the King Calmacil, and Captain of Ships. When Eldacar became King in Gondor, there was popular unrest because his mother Vidumavi belonged to the Northmen, and so he carried only half-Gondorian blood. Castamir took advantage of this unrest to launch a rebellion, and he succeeded in deposing Eldacar and sending him into exile. For ten cruel years he ruled Gondor, but Eldacar the rightful King built an army in exile, and returned to oust Castamir and reclaim his throne.

Details on the Northmen
The Men of the north of Middle-earth, and especially those that dwelt about the upper reaches of the Vales of Anduin, from whom the Rohirrim were descended.

Details on Arnor
Founded by Elendil in the last years of the Second Age, Arnor was the great kingdom of Men in the north of Middle-earth. It lay between the Misty Mountains in the east, and the Blue Mountains on the borders of Lindon in the west, and encompassed the area where the Shire would be founded many years later. Its capital, and the seat of its Kings, was at Annúminas on Lake Nenuial.
Elendil fell in the Siege of Barad-dûr in 3441 SA (Second Age), and his eldest son Isildur, who would have taken the rulership, was lost two years later as he journeyed back from the southlands with his three eldest sons, who were slain with their father at the Disaster of the Gladden Fields. Isildur's youngest son Valandil, however, had not gone to the war, and was kept safe in Rivendell; he was accounted the third King of Arnor, though Isildur had never taken the throne.
The tenth and last King of Arnor was Eärendur. After his death in 861 TA, his three sons each made claims of succession. This led to the break-up of Arnor into three separate but related kingdoms; Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur. Eärendur's eldest son, Amlaith of Fornost, became King of Arthedain, and is considered the true heir to the line of Isildur.

Details on Arthedain
The westernmost region of the lost realm of Arnor; when that land was divided between the sons of Eärendur, Arthedain became a kingdom in its own right, and was ruled by Eärendur's eldest son Amlaith and his descendants.

Details on Cardolan
The name given to the central and southern regions of Arnor; a separate kingdom after the death of Eärendur, whose rulers were descendants of one of his younger sons.

Details on Rhudaur
The easternmost of the three kingdoms created by the division of Arnor, lying beneath the Misty Mountains in the northeast of Eriador.

Details on Angmar
The realm of the Witch-king (the Lord of the Nazgûl) in the far north of the Misty Mountains; Angmar made war unceasingly with Arthedain and its allies, and eventually destroyed them, but was itself destroyed by an army of Gondor.

Details on King Araphor of Arnor
The son of Arveleg I came early to the throne of Arthedain. While he was still in his youth (probably no more than eighteen years old), the Witch-king of Angmar launched a mighty invasion of his kingdom that came close to destroying it. Araphor's father Arveleg fought in the defense of the Tower of Amon Sûl, and his early death in that battle brought Araphor to the throne.
Records of the events of this time are incomplete, but it seems that the Witch-king laid siege to the royal city of Fornost. The young Araphor went to war with aid from Círdan and the Elves of Lindon, and succeeded in relieving the siege and driving back the forces of Angmar.
After Araphor's defeat of Angmar, there is no record of further warfare during his long reign. Nonetheless, he ruled a diminished and dwindling people; the wars of his youth had seen the Northern Dúnedain come close to destruction. Rhudaur was now a tributary state to Angmar, and the Dúnedain of Cardolan were all but extinct.

Important Timeline Details
(The Third Age)
241: Birth of Arwen Evenstar.
1050: Sauron returns in secret and establishes a stronghold at Dol Guldur under the title “the Necromancer.”
1300: The Nazgûl reappear. The Lord of the Nazgûl establishes the realm of Angmar in the north and becomes known as the Witch-king of Angmar.
1366: Death of King Rómendacil II of Gondor. His son Valacar succeeds him.
1409: The Witch-king of Angmar invades the northern kingdoms. Arveleg I, King of Arthedain, is slain in an attack on Amon Sûl. His son Araphor succeeds him.
1432: Death of King Valacar of Gondor. The succession of his son Eldacar is disputed, and civil war begins in Gondor.
1437: The burning of Osgiliath, and the loss of its palantír. Eldacar flees into eastern Gondor for 10 years. Castamir the Usurper takes the throne.
1447: Eldacar returns from the east and reclaims the Crown of Gondor, slaying Castamir the Usurper.
1448: Castamir’s sons escape to Umbar, and form the beginnings of the Corsairs.
1601: The foundation of the Shire, and the beginning of the Shire-reckoning.
1636: The Barrow-wrights begin to occupy the Barrow-downs.
1974: The Witch-king invades Arthedain and captures Fornost.
1980: The Dwarves of Moria unleash Durin's Bane. King Durin VI is slain by it. The Nazgûl return to Mordor for the first time since the first fall of Sauron at the end of the Second Age.
2050: Eärnur, the last King of Gondor, is lost. The Stewards now rule in the King’s name.
2063: Gandalf the Grey discovers that the Necromancer of Dol Guldur is Sauron. Sauron goes into hiding in the east and the Watchful Peace begins.
2460: Sauron returns out of the east and the Watchful Peace ends.
2463: Gollum comes upon the One Ring.
2480: Sauron sends orcs and trolls to infest the Misty Mountains and cut off their passes.
2510: The Rohirrim ride to the aid of Gondor. They are given the land of Calenardhon (Rohan) to dwell in, and Eorl the Young becomes its first King.
2931: Birth of Aragorn Elessar.
3018: Beginning of the War of the Ring.

~|*|~Character Information~|*|~

Character Limits
Only a certain number of characters shall be accepted. The limits are as follows:
12 Human Characters (8 taken, 2 reserved, 2 left)
4 Elf Characters (3 taken, 1 left)
4 Dwarf Characters (1 taken, 3 left)
2 Other Characters (0 taken, 2 left) (have to be very well thought-out in order to be accepted)
22 Total Characters (12 taken, 2 reserved, 8 left)

Please post your characters in a similar fashion as this:

Name: Arandil, son of Aragost
Race: Human (Dúnadan)
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Occupation: Soldier of Arthedain
Hair: Shoulder-length brown, clean-shaven
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’4
Clothing: Dark brown leggings and shirt under a suit of chainmail with a forest green cloak covering it all
Belongings: Suit of clothing mentioned above, a dark red cloak, a steel sword with a black sheath, a bow, a quiver of 18 arrows, a steel helmet with a dark red plume, a round shield covered in black leather, some rope, a blanket, and a leather cask of water. Rides a young chestnut stallion named Húrin.
Expertise: Swordplay, horse-back riding, tracking, forestry
Personality: Quiet and calculating at most times, but can be hotheaded if provoked. Is unsure of himself and his ability to step out and be a leader. Prefers to let others show him the right way, but will occasionally go his own route if he believes it is the best choice. Is also very protective of his sister Alaria.
History: Born in 1394 TA as the son of Aragost, a skilled blacksmith in the small village of Bree, Arandil grew up surrounded with weapons and armor. Fascinated by these symbols of war and valour, he spent his childhood imagining he was a part of the grand adventures of old, a warrior marching with Elendil to battle Sauron, or fighting alongside Húrin the Valiant in Beleriand, ever only focusing on the glories and neglecting the agonies of war. As time went on and he grew up in the midst of the great northern war with Angmar, the fell country of the Witch-king, however, he began to acknowledge the bitterness of loss and war. At the age of 15 in 1409 TA, he watched his father Aragost and older brother Arahor ride to defend Amon Sûl (Weathertop), never to return. Harboring a deep seed of vengeance in his heart that he kept hidden from even his younger sister Alaria, he entered the service at the age of 25 in 1419 TA and encountered his enemy in battle many times. Valiant he was, but inside he held a bitterness and a vengeance within him that would occasionally be unleashed upon the battlefield. After witnessing the last of the northerly kingdom of Rhudaur fall to the flames of Angmar, he gave up all hope that this evil could be stopped and decided to take his sister south to safekeeping in the supposed impregnable walls of Osgiliath in the kingdom of Gondor, little knowing the chaos that was about to ensure there.

(This is my character, by the way. Feel free to have more or less details than I did.)

Current Characters

Arandil, Male Dúnadan of Arthedain – controlled by tulk

Alaria, Female Dúnadan of Arthedain - controlled by Miremiel

Elenanna Lothenedhel, Female Silvan Elf of Rivendell - controlled by Elenanna Lothenedhel

Hadhorion, Male Dúnadan of Arthedain - controlled by Aerandir

Rinhilion, Male Dúnadan of Gondor - controlled by Malrid

Ayalynia, Wandering Female Elf - controlled by Rochil

Valeria, Female Dúnadan of Gondor - controlled by Alatariel

Ingold, Male Dúnadan of Gondor - controlled by Aermornion

Coraliaera Naonnathel, Wandering Female Quenya Elf - controlled by Silmarwen Idril

Bethol, Male Dwarf - controlled by Curunír

Elegost, Male Dúnadan Ranger - controlled by Elegost

Hrothgar, Male Dúnadan of Gondor - controlled by Medivh

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (or FMM – Frequently Made Mistakes)

Q: What do the forces of Angmar consist of?
A: As for as my knowledge goes, this is generally unknown, but I would place a strong guess that the Witch-king’s army is made up of mostly humans, a few orc legions or so, and perhaps some wolves.

Q: What’s the capitol of Arthedain?
A: Fornost.

Q: What’s the capitol of Gondor?
A: Osgiliath.

Q: Where’s the White Tree?
A: Minas Anor (Tirith).

Q: What’s the name of Minas Tirith?
A: Minas Anor.

Q: What’s the name of Minas Morgûl?
A: Minas Ithil.

Q: What’s going on in Mordor?
A: Gondor has it under strict supervision.

Q: Where’s Sauron?
A: In Dol Guldur in Mirkwood under the guise of the Necromancer. No one currently knows it is him.

Q: What of the Istari?
A: Saruman and the Blue Wizards are in the east, but it is unknown where Gandalf and Radagast are… probably wandering around somewhere.

Q: What’s the state of the war between Angmar and the kingdoms of Arnor (Arthedain, Rhudaur, Cardolan)?
A: Angmar has taken over most of Rhudaur (the northeastern kingdom), has severely weakened Cardolan (the southeastern kingdom), and is rumored to be about to march on Fornost, the capitol of Arthedain (the western kingdom) within this next year (1432 TA). This is entirely speculation, as there are little details on when Fornost was attacked, but that’s the way we’re playing.

Q: Does Khazâd-Dum exist yet?
A: Yes. It is at its height, actually.

Q: Where are the hobbits?
A: Out there somewhere, I suppose. Just not in the Shire.

Q: Where are the Rohirrim?
A: Up north, at the very beginning of the Anduin, by Mirkwood. They’re known as the Northmen.

Q: What if I have another question?
A: Ask it.

Q: Are there many orcs in the Misty Mountains?
A: Not many, except for the very top around Mount Gundabad.

Q: What if some of this information is wrong?
A: Tell me. I'll fix it.

Author:  Miremiel [ April 1st, 2006, 9:38 am ]
Post subject: 

Name: Alaria
Race: Human (Dúnedan)
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Occupation: Healer
Hair: Rather long, straight dark brown hair.
Eyes: Crystal blue
Height: 5’8”
Clothing: Dark brown pants, a long-sleeved white shirt under a dark brown leather vest, covered by a forest green cloak. Oh, and dark brown boots.
Belongings: An extra shirt and pair of pants, a dark brown, almost earthy looking cloak. A bow, quiver with twenty-four arrows, a dagger for rare use and safety. She carries a small bag of herbs, a blanket, and a waterskin filled with... water. She rides a dark chestnut mare named Rána.
Expertise: Healing, horse-back riding, archery.
Personality: Loving and quite bubbly towards her friends and family, or what is left of it. She is quite dependent on her older brother, Arandil, even when she might not always admit it. Arandil’s ever protection does annoy her from time to time, but fact is that she probably would be dead if it wasn’t for him. She’s usually a bit sceptical toward strangers and need her time to come upon the “trusting relationship”.
History: Alaria came to the world in the year of 1398 TA, born and raised in the village of Bree. She was always jealous of her bothers, Arandil and Arahor, as they had access to the practising of sword-fighting. Being a girl, however, their father thought of her as too weak for such. When her father and oldest brother were killed, Alaria aged eleven, she entered a phase of grief and despair. Desperate to reduce the pain the family’s loss had caused her, she determined to learn the art of archery, much against her mother’s wishes. To please her mother, also, she was taught the way of healing. By the age of twenty-five, she had become one of the finest healers in the village of Bree. Naught did it help, though, as Arandil and Alaria’s mother fell under the power of a fell illness. Alaria could not bear watching her mother suffer any longer, so after many healing attempts, she let her rest in. War was coming closer, and even though Alaria was skilled with a bow, her brother would not let her stay to watch the ruin of Arnor. She was led to the Gondorian city of Osgilliath.

Author:  Elenanna Lothenedhel [ April 1st, 2006, 11:04 am ]
Post subject: 

If this character isn't allowed, I will make a new one..but here..

Name-Elenanna Lothenedhel

Translation- Stargift, Blossom of Elves

Race:Silvan Elf (please correct me if I'm wrong..)

Birth Year-SA 1450

Hair-Silver colored


Face-resembles her mother and sisters

Lineage- Mother- Galadirel
Father- Celeborn

Siblings-Celebrian and Falathiel

Married?- Yes, to a high Elf, Voronwë

Children?- Yes, twins, Nedhudir(M) and Eruaveil(F)

Weapons-Ellven daggers-an alloy of metals- with 8 inch long handles-Names are Din (Silent) and Aha (Rage)
Bow of the Galadhrimm, along with a quiver
Mithril longsword with a black,gold, and silver handle-named Celebmegil (Silversword)

Animals:(At this time) A horse of elven breed: Vanya

Basic clothing
Typical/Formal:A dress of either grey, green, or blue hues with intricate designs on them.
Buisness- blue tunc with silver etchings and white breeches along with her Lothloren cloaks and brown boots. She also wears a silver belt.
Battle- Grey-silver tunic and breeches, her armor which has her symbol on it (the blossom) and she doesnt wear a helm but a band with a protective ornament shaped as a dragon which covers her nose and around her eyes, black boots and her red cloak.

History- Elenanna was born in Lothlorien. She was raised as a warriror and soon became one of the Wardens of Lothlorien, along with the rank of a Master Archer. She is called the Blossom of Lothlorien. because she has the beauty of her mother in a lesser form, and also partly because of the widsom she recieved from the Lady of Light
In TA 20, soon after the Last Alliance, she met Voronwë, a high elf of Mirkwood. He was actually the uncle of Legolas Thranduillion, who would be born soon. Elenanna and Voronwë fell deeply in love and soon married.
They had twins, who were slightly older than Arwen Undomiel. Elenanna and Voronwë moved to Imraldis, where they dwelled for over two thousand years.
((NOTE-That's not the whole's been modified to fit ths timeline.. and it's been edited quite a bit.))

Author:  tulk [ April 1st, 2006, 11:55 am ]
Post subject: 

looks good to me, except could you replace the mithril weapons with something else? or maybe better yet, have the longsword be mithril and the daggers be something else (or the other way around).

Author:  Curunìr [ April 2nd, 2006, 3:36 am ]
Post subject: 

hmh? What are these other options? I am very interested in these since those up above are good races and I could be a bad guy, not the witch king, but something like that :-D

Author:  Aerandir [ April 2nd, 2006, 7:54 am ]
Post subject: 

If this bio is okay for you guys, I'll join as a human.

Name: Hadhorion
Race: Human
Nationality: Dúnedain of Arthedain
Age: 28
Occupation: Ranger
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 6'1"
Clothing: Dark green tunic, brown pants, brown leather over-tunic (I forget what those are called, now), Long brown hooded cloak, leather vambraces, dark brown boots.
Weapons: Hand-and-a-half sword, long-bladed dagger/hunting knife, and bow with a quiver of 19 grey-feathered arrows.
Personality: He is very patient and calm, and sure of himself in combat, but in matters outside of that, he would, almost as a rule, be somewhere else.
Background: Hadhorion was raised in a village near the border of Arthedain, living peacefully until he was fifteen, developing woodcraft skills, and becoming a skilled hunter and tracker. When he was fifteen, the village was raided by Orcs, and while it was hardly a rare occurance, some villagers were caught off guard and killed in the first few minutes. One of them was Hadhorion's mother, and he has had a burning hatred of orcs since then. As his father had been in the Army of Arthedain for a while, he instructed him in swordsmanship, Hadhorion attained a reasonable level of skill in that, though his skill in the forest, with his bow, still were more appealing to him than close combat. When he was old enough, he joined the Rangers of Arthedain, preferring not to be in close combat with the common footsoldiers. He served with them for almost ten years, before departing to Gondor, to see the White City and the Citadel of the Stars.

Author:  Miremiel [ April 2nd, 2006, 8:22 am ]
Post subject: 

Curunír - Well, of evil-sided characters there's always the Hillmen of Angmar, which wouldn't need the option "other character" selection. Of "other" characters.. Well. That's where you'll have to be creative. ;) But whichever you choose, keep it close to the story and realistic.

Aerandir - Looks good to me! Welcome. :)

Author:  Aerandir [ April 2nd, 2006, 9:46 am ]
Post subject: 

Okay, thanks, Alaria.

Author:  Malrid [ April 2nd, 2006, 11:39 am ]
Post subject: 

Name: Rinhilion
Race: Human
Nationality: Gondorian
Age: 23
Occupation: Royal Guard
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6' 5''
Clothing: Whilest on duty wears a chest plate and various other aromured plates on shins, thighs, forearms and a helmet. Off duty Leather trousers cotton shirts, big leather boots.
Weapons: Broadsword, Long spear, small dagger.
Personality: Quick to judge and quick to anger. However he is very loyal to his commander and king and would follow them to the very end.
Background: Born and raised in Minas Tirth and was forced into the military by his father. This made him feel bitter about his work but he stuck at it due to presure from his father. After he died Rinhilion stayed in the military as it was the only thing he had been taught to do. He quickly rose through the ranks until becoming a royal guard for the king which he has been since his 22nd birthday.

Author:  Rochil Undómë [ April 2nd, 2006, 11:54 am ]
Post subject: 

Name: Ayalynia
Or: Alynia

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Age: She lied about it so many times she's not quite sure.

Occupation: She doesn't have one, she's a wonderer

Hair: just below waist length brown hair

Eyes: Bright green

Height: Almost 6'1

Clothing: She mostly wears dresses but nothing flashy. Dark green or blue dresses with a long black cloak with a hood

Belongings: She owns a shimmering blue sword. The sword is transulsent with a dull coloured royal blue hilt. On the hilt is a shimmering emerald. Also she has a quiver of arrows. The quiver is just plain green and the arrows are plain blue. She has a faithful companion, a boarder collie named Forna. Forna is brown and white with dark green eyes. Her other companion is a bay Warmblood stallion named Falasephales.

Expertise: Archery, swords play, horse riding, treking.

Personality: She can be rather shy but when you get to know her she very loyal and friendly. She'd very quick to reat when anything happened and can be a little twitchy, on the edge just incase something happens. She doesn't like being spotted by people when she's in a forest when she's doesn't know they are there. She usaly takes quite harsh actions if anyone suprises her, and usally they envolve an arrow and a bow. Just to say don't creep up behind her. She also takes advantage of some people who are very gullable. She's quite a good con artist.

Alynia was born in Mirkwood and was brought up there untill her father was killed by a hired assasin, her mother was almost murder soon after. She was told to run and she was taken to Rivendale where they hoped she would be safe. In Rivendale she was given Falasephales and Forna. just a few years ago she left Rivendale at night and started traveling the wild. She never stays in one place for too long and never usally gives she real name. In most villages or town she stays in she would chose a mark and con them, she is quite a natural. She has been traveling ever since, town to town, con to con. It could be you next.

Author:  Alatariel [ April 2nd, 2006, 12:03 pm ]
Post subject: 

Name: Valeria
Race: Human (Gondorian)
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Occupation: Seamstress
Hair: Rather long, wavy dark brown hair.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Height: 5’7”
Clothing: A plain dark red dress with a white long shirt underneath.
Belongings: A necklace that she wears everyday, a gift from her father.
Expertise: Sewing of course. ;) Horse back riding.
Personality: She always tries to be optimistic and cares for every living creature, whether man or beast. She'll always be there to try and brighten your day and is quite friendly to everyone including strangers.
History: Valeria grew up with the perfect family, Vanûr, her older brother and her loving parents. Her father was a soldier for the King of Minas Tirith but he also spent much time with his children, telling them stories of old. Tragedy struck the family when Valeria was only eight years of age, her father had died, he had lost the battle of a long illness he had suffered from for months.

(MAJOR credit to Mire, her and I worked on this thing all weekend. :P)

Author:  tulk [ April 2nd, 2006, 1:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

looks fantabulous everyone. you are all accepted.

one thing to remember is that at the current time Osgiliath is the capitol of Gondor, not Minas Tirith, and Minas Tirith is refered to as Minas Anor. also, Minas Morgul is still under Gondorian control as Minas Ithil.

confusing, I know.

Author:  Darrell [ April 2nd, 2006, 1:24 pm ]
Post subject: 

I have read through this, and have two questions. The first is; how long, in terms of Middle-earth, will this RP gone on for, aproximately? And, does the town of Dale exist at this point in the history of Middle-earth? I can't remember reading anywhere when it is founded.

Author:  tulk [ April 2nd, 2006, 2:00 pm ]
Post subject: 

how long, in terms of Middle-earth, will this RP gone on for, aproximately?

I'm not sure yet. the longest is probably 15 years or so (we might skip over a few years here and there).

does the town of Dale exist at this point in the history of Middle-earth?

considering that it was founded as a partnership with the dwarves of Erebor and Erebor does not exist yet, I would say no, though I'm not completely sure.

Author:  Captain Faramir [ April 3rd, 2006, 7:40 am ]
Post subject: 

(Firstly thanks for reminding me the rules that is the way it could be. I am so sorry.)

Name: Elegost of Dunedain
Race: Human
Birth Place: Osgiliath
Items of Value( I do not get it): Medicine
Personality: Friendly,witty, annoying sometimes
Weapons: A knife on the belly, A bow and six arrows at the back, a sword and a thick armour of Gondor.
Occupation: Loyal soldier of the king of Valacar
Expertise: Swordfight, horse-back riding and good at ranged weapons
History: Elegost was raised in Osgiliath by his mother. Since his father was died in very early life of Elegost so he never saw him. He was a farmer when he was 6 till he became 20. With a row of success in the military shown by Elegost made him a commander in Osgiliath. Now he is commanding the army of Osgiliath under the command of Eldacar. Now he is trying to prepare the gondorians for the war against the Witch King of Angmar.

Author:  Aerandir [ April 3rd, 2006, 10:12 am ]
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Angel, one thing to point out is that Dunadan literally means "West-man" or "Man of the West," and Dunedain means "West-men" or "Men of the West." The Dunedain are not a country, they are a people group.

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