Following In Darkness Wake
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Author:  Kraven H. Silverfox [ October 13th, 2014, 1:24 pm ]
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Anarion and Gror had been away from Mirkwood for what felt like forever. Although in truth it had only been a little over one year. That was where they where heading now. At least, that had been where they were heading, until they had stumbled upon a large mass of tracks leading away from the direction of High Pass in the Misty Mountains. They were still on the west side of the mountains, and the tracks where heading in the opposite direction from where they wanted to go.

Anarion examined the ground closely, then looked up at Gror and said in his deep voice "Looks like Ork tracks to me, some Goblin tracks mixed in too. I think I even picked up some Troll, and Warg, but there's so many marching over each others tracks that I can't be sure. What do you think old friend?"

"I think you must be out of you mind. Especially if you think we're going to go following some tracks that are, once again, taking us away from home. It's been over a year. That's twice as long as we were supposed to be gone already, and I would like to tend to my garden again, for myself, preferably sometime during this age, if you please." Complained Gror in his heavy, gruff, voice.

Anarions voice grew dark and said "Gror, listen to yourself. This is what we do. Look at these tracks, only an army could've made them, and it's clearly not one that is going to protect people." His voice lost its edge then he continued "I want to go home also, but I can't see something like this, and then brush it off like it's nothing. I can't just ignore the fact that somewhere these things are destroying more innocent lives. We have to go after them."

Gror made a deep sigh, then replied "Curse you and your sense of duty. Alright, alright, well fallow the tracks, and see where they go. I don't know what we can do against so many, but at least we can scout it out and send word for assistance. That'll be something, and maybe we can save some of those innocents of yours along the way."

Anarion smiled at Gror, the said "Thank you old friend. We'll go home eventually. I'm sure of it, just clearly not today." "Don't make promises you can't keep." Gror scoffed. Anarion just laughed. He pulled out some parchment, a quill, and some ink, then he wrote a message explaining the situation. He then made a whistling sound like a bird, and a group of animals came over to the two friends.

Anarion wrapped up the note and placed it in a small pack on the back of a silver winged, peregrine falcon that had flown over with the other animals. Anarion then said to it "Feael, take this message to the King. He'll know what to do from there. Then find us as quickly as you can." Feael let out a screech and swiftly took off.

Anarion then looked at the other animals. He then pointed at the large Black Lab and said "Anaamarth, you and Ardagnir will need to go home and stay there." The dog growled unhappily "Don't give me that. You're leg is still wounded, and needs attention, and you need rest, which you won't get with us. So your going, and Ardagnir barely survived that encounter with that Goblin who thought he looked like a good snack. So just be careful, and get home fast. Now both of you go." He pet the Lab on the head, and then a King Cobra, slithered up his other arm and lightly bumped its head against Anarions head, Ardagnirs way of showing affection. The two then continued on home, though on a slightly different path from the one the group had been originally taking. One that would keep them hidden, and safe, until they got home.

The last animale was a tall strong Black Horse. That went by the name Shadowfang. One of the Mearas, prince of the horses, and younger brother to Shadowfax. Anarion stroked the horses main and then climbed on. Then he offered his hand to Gror to help him up. Gror grabbed it and climbed on. Then Anarion said to Shadowfang "Run my friend. Keep to the tracks, we must find the dark creators of this path."

Shadowfang then shoot off in the direction the tracks headed. After a few hours of following the tracks Shadowfang slowed and looked left. Where a group of tracks showed that a small group had left the army and headed off a ways alone. Anarion decided to fallow the smaller group for a ways and see where it was going. After about ten minutes hard ride they found the group. It was attacking a farm.

The group had apparently smelled it on the wind, and their hunger had won out. They had abandoned the army to get food. The barn was on fire, though not engulfed yet. There were dead animals and people all over the place, and the monsters where still there doing there dirty work. Anarion and Gror climbed off Shadowfang, whom Anarion indicated to go away until he called him. Then the friends glared down on the carnage together.

Anarion then drew his twin blades Nauralogos, and Naurgwaen, that where on his back sticking up over his left shoulder. While Gror pulled out his twin medium axes from their place on his back. The two friends got low and started heading for the farm. Anarion looked at Gror and said "Good hunting my friend." "You too." Gror replied. Then Anarion charged and took the head off an Ork with his blades, while Gror buried his axes in a Goblins head. The fight was on.

(I know. Really long post, but I think it's a great starting point for the story. Hope you guys like it )

Author:  TurefinweNarusse [ October 13th, 2014, 2:21 pm ]
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The small stream trickled merrily through the woods and glades of Eriador. A light mist rose up from it and out over the land, giving the area around it an ethereal look.

Were one to look carefully enough, a faint gleam of copper could be seen among the reeds beside the creek as the elleth raised herself up from her sleep.

Another day of wandering in the wilds. Narussë would have faded long ago were it not for the singular purpose she had in life: to kill any and all servants of evil and protect the innocent.

Pity was an emotion mostly unknown among the children of Fëanor, but it had found a prominent enough place in the hearts of the secondborn and the youngest.

Narussë stood, picking up her bow from where it had lain next to her, concealed in the reeds where she slept. She buckled her sword to her belt, followed by her twin daggers, and gazed through the trees around her, keen grey eyes piercing the mist. Nothing but shadows, and her blade remained its natural steely grey.

Buttoning her shimmering grey cloak around her and slipping her bow over her shoulder, she set off, darting lightly through the trees in search of prey.

'Talintë', her brothers and friends had called her, 'swift foot.' And she lived up to the epessë, for she could run nearly as fast as a swift horse when needed, and her step made no sound on the thick bed of leaves on the forest floor. She ever kept a watch on the tengwi cut into her sword's sheathe. At the first hint of it glowing, she would be prepared.

Suddenly, she stopped. A worn path through the woods showed the trampling and ravaging of orcs. But over those tracks were hoof and paw marks from later.

The orcs were being tracked.

No matter, she thought, I shall follow them anyway.

And with that thought, she started through the trees alongside the path.

Author:  Erin Lunaire [ October 13th, 2014, 4:07 pm ]
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The time had come for the queen of the woodland realm to flee her kingdom. Life with the king had gotten too much for her. Lónannûniel needed a few months away from him, to forget how difficult it was to be with him. Along her travels, she hoped to pick up a gift, that would restore peace between them once more.

She had fled on horseback in the small hours of the night, hoping that it would take at least a few hours or perhaps a day for the king to notice her departure, if the guards had not already passed the knowledge of her swift exit back to the king.

A noise reached her elven ears, of an attack from the servants of evil. Lónannûniel faced a problem. If she were to risk playing that song on her wooden flute, guards would follow in her footsteps. She would have to return to Mirkwood, and live under the watchful eye of the king for the next thirty years at least.

The elven queen allowed herself a moment, to ponder her inner conflict. Thirty years were a matter of moments compared to the immortality of elves. That would be nothing, if she spared a few lives.

Lónannûniel held the flute to her lips, riding towards the sound of the battle, playing the song of the woodlands. No guard heard that song. All of them were back in the woodland realm, along with the king. The heavy tread of the horse’s hooves thundered across the grassy ground, heading towards the small village.

Author:  TurefinweNarusse [ October 13th, 2014, 8:55 pm ]
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A shining silver arrow embedded itself in the neck of one of the orcs.


The cry came from the hill above, where Narussë stood, bow in hand, and released another arrow. This, too, found its mark. Thousands upon thousands of years of practice would do that to you.

She fairly flew into the fight. It had been a few moons since she'd been able to fight this number. The sword she wielded, longer and heavier than borne by most female warriors, glowed bright blue in the darkness. Each stroke of her blade was deadly, accurate, and calculated.

Author:  Kraven H. Silverfox [ October 13th, 2014, 11:09 pm ]
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Anarion, and Gror, had been gaining a fair bit of ground on their enemies. The beast's didn't seem to know what to think about the beardless dwarf who was going berserk amongst them, laughing while he wrecked havoc on their numbers. Much less what to think about the hooded wraith in black that seemed to be able to fall another of there numbers with each stroke of his black blades.

Anarion then heard the song of Lónannûniel, the Queen of Mirkwood, and let out a laugh before calling out to Gror announcing "My friend, help has arrived. In the form of the Queen, no less.""I thought I heard the sound of her beautiful flute." the Dwarf replied.

An arrow then flew past Anarion and buried itself in the neck of an Ork. He looked over at the archer and saw a She-Elf who yelled "Fëanaro!" as she let loose another arrow which also found its mark. She then seem to fly as she raced toward the battle. Brandishing a blade of a size not usually seen wielded by the She-Elves.

She seemed to move like a dance to death amongst the dark span. Her style looked familiar, but he gave it no thought. He didn't care how she fought, just so long as she was here to help clean out the servants of Sauron. He then returned his attention to the battle. A dark, and thick storm cloud had formed overhead, and it was starting to pour.

That's when he noticed Gror chase a Goblin into the barn which had stopped burning, and then he saw Gror get flung out the opening as the Goblin, know riding a warg, led a group of warg riders out of the barn. Anarion moved swiftly to his friends side.

He shoved one of his blades into the Goblins head, the very one who Gror had been chasing, and then shoved the other into the head of the warg which had been about to try and disembowel his friend. He swiftly pulled his weapons out of his enemies, and kicked the wargs side so it wouldn't land on Gror.

The two stood up and watched as a few of wargs started to circle them. While the others went to attack the two She-Elves. Gror huffed and then said "Next time you want to go on a trip for a few months to scout out Ork moments, and try to aid those who have been seeing increased numbers of skirmishes on their borders. Remind me to tell you no, and that I'd rather stay and just tend to my garden."

Anarion laughed, then replied "Just admit it. You'd be bored out of your mind within a week if we didn't get ourselves into these kind of predicaments, and you know it. " Gror scoffed, and complained "I will not admit to any such statement, nor will I agree with the implied level of lunacy that would have to accompany said statement in order for it to be true." Anarion rolled his eyes and simply said "If you says so, old friend. If you say so."

Author:  TurefinweNarusse [ October 14th, 2014, 12:28 am ]
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Narussë, in the midst of her battle-fury, had caught a glimpse of the odd pair. She hadn't much time to ponder over it before the dwarf was thrown out of the barn and the warg-riders rushed out.

A group of them detached from the company and raced her way, circling, snarling, their eyes gleaming wickedly.

Narussë snarled back, her upper lip curling up in a feral look as she crouched, watching her enemies as they circled her. But she did not turn with them. "Moringothonni," she hissed between her teeth, grey eyes moving between the five wargs.

She held the heavy, sharp sword easily in her hand, swinging it gently, as if it had been made to fit her palm. Which it practically had.
The Noldo waited for her enemies to strike, watching all five at once.

One jumped forward, but Narussë knew it was a feigned attack the instant she saw it, and she spun around, bringing her blade up just in time to intercept an overhand cut from the warg rider behind her. The tension broke, and the rest of the wargs charged in on her at once.

They'd fully expected to overtake her, for this was the Shadow Elf, who'd been killing a vast number of the orcs and wargs of Eriador since the Third Age began, and she'd been in work even before then. Sauron had set a price on her head long ago, offering great rewards to anyone in his service who would bring the daughter of Fëanor to Barad-Dúr alive.

But they'd underestimated her. Narussë hadn't fought in the five wars of the First Age only to be taken by five wargs and their riders. More quickly than they could have imagined, she'd dispatched all but one of them. The two final combatants circled one another, eyes never leaving their opponent, though Narussë kept her other senses focused around her.

Author:  Erin Lunaire [ October 14th, 2014, 1:31 am ]
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Lónannûniel entered the village. She lowered her flute, and stowed it away safe, in the pack attached to the horse's saddle. It was clear that she was far out of the reach of over protective ill-tempered Thranduil, and the whole guard, now. For a welcoming party, she did not meet some smiling villagers, but a warg coming right at her. The snarling beast-wolf charged at her, leaping over the horse, and knocking her off the back of her stead.

It appeared that the woodland queen had met her end. She stirred, pushing the lifeless beast off her. It had a nice stab wound to the chest, with a fine dagger piercing its flesh. She stood. To make sure it was dead, Lónannûniel twisted the dagger, and pulled it free from the warg. She would need that.

Lónannûniel turned, muttering soothing words in the elven tongue, to sooth her startled stead. With an erratic horse, she certainly would meet her end. "Calm," she spoke, in the elven tongue. "Settle brave and noble horse. The fault is not your own." A few more reassuring words settled the horse. Lónannûniel was able to climb up on the back of her horse once more. She had no choice but to use her bow and arrow. During her moment of soothing her startled travelling companion, some orcs had already scoped her out as an easy target. Two very well fired arrows to the throat corrected that assumption.

Author:  Kraven H. Silverfox [ October 15th, 2014, 6:38 pm ]
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Anarion and Gror worked in perfect unison. They keep their backs pressed to each other and would spin together so they would be able to face opposing enemies as they tried to rosh the two warriors. While Anarion would direct his attacks on the Goblin riders, Gror would focus on the wargs.

With each attack you could hear the screams of pain from their enemies as they were wounded if they showed an opening, or killed if they got to close. In what seemed like no time at all the two friends had finished off the wargs and their riders.

Anarion had noticed that the She-Elf who had fired the silver arrow was managing fine on her own, and was down to her last warg and rider. He also had seen Lónannûniel get nicked off her horse, and what had happened since.

The remaining dark spawn had all decided she would be the easiest opponent to handle, and were now charging her so they could try to escape. Anarion returned his blades to his scabbards, at the same time that Gror returned his axes to his back. Anarion then made a loud whistle, and Shadowfang rushed across the field to him.

Anarion ran toward the horse, and jumped onto the mighty Meara then held his arm out to Gror as he rode toward him. Gror grabbed his arm as he rode past, and he swung into the saddle behind Anarion. They rode swiftly in the direction of Lónannûniel.

As they rode past the remaining orks Gror pulled his battle axe from his back, and leapt into their midst cleaving multiple en en with each swing. Anarion rode on past the enemies, and toward Lónannûniel. When she had been jumped on by the warg it's rider had been thrown behind her and was now sneaking up to place a dagger in her back.

Anarion pulled his Flambard, Faerdagnir, from over his right shoulder. Then he stood in the saddle, and as he got closer to Lónannûniel he jumped over her, flipping as he hent. He then held Faerdagnir in both of his hands, blade pointing down, and skewered the Goblin through the heart.

The creature let lose a heart wrenching screech as he saw Anarion falling toward him, and then the blade passing through his cheast. It's scream died, and Anarion stood slinging the blood off his blade, and turning as he did, he looked at Lónannûniel and pulled his hood down then said "It has been quite some time since last we saw each other. I am pleased to see that you are well, Lónannûniel, Queen of the woodland realm."

Author:  Erin Lunaire [ October 15th, 2014, 6:59 pm ]
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Lónannûniel felt terrible about the thought of returning to the back of her horse. He needed time to calm down. A orc ignored his two fallen comrads. In the black tongue, he insulted her. If she had have understood the language, she may have killed him faster. He took a step forward, looking at her like he would quite enjoy decorating his sword with her blood. Lónannûniel removed her dagger from the sheath, threw it at him, stabbing into his arm. He dropped the sword. The orc retrieved the dagger from his arm, and flung it to the ground. The group advancing on her dispersed.

Lónannûniel felt confident in herself, that she did not have a guard to throw his life on the line for her. She was so focused in firing warning arrows, to make the goblins and orcs back away from her fallen dagger to retrieve it, that she did not notice the approaching elf. The sound of the goblin's scream caught her attention. She retrieved her dagger. All of the other orcs had backed away.

The elven queen looked to the newcomer. "Anarion. Far too many moons have passed, since I have seen you last. Have you found someone special to pledge yourself to?" Despite the fact that there were no blood between them, the old motherly affection she had towards him had returned. Nothing would have pleased her more, to hear that he had found someone.

Author:  Kraven H. Silverfox [ October 15th, 2014, 9:48 pm ]
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The Orks who were trying to retreat from Lónannûniel pushed their companions into the wildly cleaving battle axe of Gror. He continued to chop them down until finally the last one stopped before he had reached the Dwarf. Gror laughed then said "Well, Ork, this will be the last mistake that you ever make."

The Ork turned around, it was bleeding from a knife wound on its arm. This was the very Ork that the Queen had thrown her knife into. The Ork tried to swing his sword at Gror, but it never reached the Dwarf. Gror had already swung his axe, and it was planted in the Orks head, right between its eyes. He then pulled the axe out as the Ork fell, and headed toward Anarion, and Lónannûniel.

As he reached them he heard what Lónannûniel had said to Anarion, and let out a hearty laugh. Then he said "M'Lady, no offense, but I have tried to get the boy to pick a woman to pledge himself to for almost as long as I have know him, and he has never even found one who could catch his eye. Tis true that he has caught many a young lass' eye, but never once has one caught his own."


Anarion had long cared for Lónannûniel. His feelings reaching those of true love, but it could never, and therefore would never, happen. She was the mother of his long time friend, Legolas, Prince of the Woodland Realm. She was also a married woman, and therefore Anarion would kill himself, before he ever dared to impugn her honor in such a way, just as he would kill any other who dared to try such a thing, but that did not change the way he felt toward her.

He knew that she saw him as a son, and he was happy to be able to at least have that much of her love. It was enough for him. He had long tried to find someone whom he could spend his life with, but had been unsuccessful in that endeavor. Many women had approached him seeking his companionship, but none of them had yet to create any feelings in him.

He honestly had begun to wonder if it would ever happen, or if it was, perhaps, his destiny to be alone, without anyone to cherish, until at last he breathed his last breath. But that wasn't something that he could ever tell Lónannûniel. For it would surly hurt her as much to hear such a thing, as it hurt him to think such a thing.

He smiled at Grors comment to Lónannûniels question, and then responded himself "Alas, it is true. I have still yet to find someone with whom I can share hearth, and health. Though, I will continue to look for her, whomever she may be. For if I was to no longer keep watch for her, than it is possible that then I could miss my chance to find her, an opportunity that may never come again. So I shall remain ever vigilant in my search for her, while I also stay dedicated to my mission of destroying the Dark Ones evil, wherever I find it."

Author:  TurefinweNarusse [ October 16th, 2014, 12:47 pm ]
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Narussë finished her fight and wiped her blade clean. Its glow was dulling, and she turned to see the others who had fought.

"You fought well," The daughter of Fëanor nodded approvingly. "It has been a long time indeed since I have seen so small a force defeated such a large one of the Morgoth-brood."

She bent to pull one of her arrows from an orc's body, cleaning it, and placing it into her quiver.

Author:  Erin Lunaire [ October 17th, 2014, 9:58 pm ]
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Lónannûniel smiled. She had not forgotten the friendship between Anarion and Gror. Just like most elves of Mirkwood, she held some prejudice towards dwarves, but not as harsh as most. But Gror was not like most dwarves. Deep down in her mind, she barely perceived him as such. More a elf, that was few feet shorter. "You have the blood of an elf in you, you have many moons to see, and winters to watch pass by. Time, is one thing that we find in abundance..." Her elven ears heard something move. Despite the end of the force of darkness that had met its end, there was something out there.

A goblin had concealed itself, waiting for the right moment. Lónannûniel removed a single arrow from the quiver. She listened as carefully as she could, for any sound that it might make. Crunch! The sound of hay underfoot. The moment the goblin dared to step out into the open, the arrow was flung at it, and pierced its chest. The goblin stumbled, death became it, as swift as her attack.

As if the moment had never happened, Lónannûniel turned back to Anarion. The Elven Queen heard the voice of a she-elf, that she had not heard in a long time, if ever at all. She glanced to Narussë. "From what I have seen with my own eye, you have fought well, also."

Author:  Kraven H. Silverfox [ October 18th, 2014, 1:34 am ]
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Anarion had picked up the sound of the Goblin a little after the Queen. Gror was in the middle of answering the Queen saying "Thank you M'Lady, for that most gracious honor, that you've given to me." She let the arrow fly. Gror turned to see the Goblin fall and then looked at Anarion and said "We missed one. Did you know it was there?" "Only after Lónannûniel had already noticed it, and was preparing to kill it." He responded.

The two then turned to the new She-Elf, and Anarion said "Thank you M'Lady, but I'm not so much concerned with numbers, as I am with clearing out this filth which infest the land. You fought well yourself, and with a weapon not often seen wielded by one of the She-Elves. It was impressive, to say the least."

Gror scoffed at Anarion. Then he said "Aye, numbers mean little to you. But to me, when you drag me constantly into battles where by all rights we shouldn't be able to survive, well let's just say that I have honestly begin to question your sanity lad. It's a pleasure to meet another who willingly faces the dark hordes." The last part had been directed to the She-Elf who had joined them.

Author:  Erin Lunaire [ October 20th, 2014, 1:01 pm ]
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"We should make haste," said Lónannûniel. "If so many of Mordor's filth could make it this far, who is to know how much more lingers in the shadows. Or where their grasp has reached." The elven queen returned her bow and quiver to the saddle of the horse. She had no further need for it. The horse had calmed down entirely. He affectionately nuzzled his head against her cheek. Apparently this was not the first time the queen and this particular horse had gone walkabouts. "Has the fear left you?" Lónannûniel asked her horse, in the elven tongue. The horse neighed in reply.

Author:  Kraven H. Silverfox [ October 20th, 2014, 6:21 pm ]
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Anarion nodded his head in agreement, and then said "Yes it would be wise to move on, but we also should first check for any wounded, and hidden people, that may have survived the attack. It's unlikely, but still." Anarion then looked toward the farm house, and said "That's strange. I'm getting a wierd felling from the house. Everyone wait here." He then pulled his hood back up, and quickly, and quietly, headed toward the house.

Once he got there he seemed to melt into the Darkness. He moved through the house, checking everywhere and found nothing. That is, until he headed into the basement. He was in the very back, next to a stack of large storage barrels when he heard a small sound, like the noise a baby would make, and then soft desperate shushing. He lowered his hood, and then said in a soft reassuring voice "Come out little one. Those who would harm you have been dealt with. None still here would hurt you."

A scared little girl then came out from behind the barrels with a baby in one arm, cradling it close, and a knife in her other hand, which she held out in front of her as if ready to attack anyone who tried to harm her and the baby. She looked at Anarion and said "Wh-who are you? Wh-why are you here? Wh-where are the rest of my family?" Anarion helped up his hands showing he meant no harm and responded "I'm called Anarion. I was tracking the creatures that came here. I hope to stop them before they hurt anyone. I don't know where your family is."

The girl dropped to her knees and lowered her arm and said "Your a ranger aren't you. Daddy says you're protectors. That you do what you can to keep away the bad things, but that there aren't enough of you left to always help. My big brother says he to join your ranks, and help you destroy the monsters. Mommy tells him to focus on his chores, and stop leaving our sister to do everything. Says that the rangers would never take in someone as lazy as him. Can you help us please. My name is Elizabeth, this is Arthur."

The girl turned the baby to where he could be seen, and Anarion saw a young boy, not yet a half a year old. He was big for his age, had smokey grey eyes, and dirty blonde hair. The girl looked barely seven, and had blonde hair, and green eyes. He then asked "Elizabeth, if we can't find anyone here, do you know where any of your other family lives?" She nodded her head then replied "Yes sir, in Bree. My aunt Gabby, my mothers sister, and her family lives there. Would that do?" Anarion smiled and said "Yes little one, know let's go. You can met my friends outside, they're very nice."

Anarion then held the little girls hand, which was free since she had returned her little knife to its sheath on her side, and led her outside. She was afraid to look at the bodies of the dark creacreatures that had destroyed the life she had known, but her mouth dropped open when she saw the two She-Elves, and the Dwarf. She mouthed the word, wow, as they approached them. Once they reached them Anarion signaled for Gror to go look for four people, a man, woman, and a teenage boy, and girl.

Gror quickly looked for them. He found the man holding a wood cutting axe, his belly run through. Then he found the woman, and the two teenagers. The boy had tried to protect his mother and sister with a simple hammer, and had his guts spilled for his trouble. The mother and sister had been hiding in the hay loft, and had been burned alive in the barns fire, and it app that the fire had started near them, if not on them. Gror came back to the group, and shook his head at Anarion. He then looked at the girl who was now staring at Shadowfang, and lightly petting him, while the baby boy slept soundless in her arm.

He looked at Elizabeth and then said "Sweety, we need to get you to your aunts house. Will you please come with us." She looked at him and slowly she seemed to understand. She simply nodded. Anarion put the little girl on his horse, and then placed a riding cover over her legs. He then tied her onto the saddle, and used a light cover to make a wrap for the baby that he then secured around the little girl. Now neither of them would be able to fall. He climbed on behind them and looked back at Gror and said "Can you Go find the necessary supplies for them to come with us Gror?" Gror looked sadly at the children and simply said "Yes."

A short time latter Gror returned with a pack of supplies for the children. Elizabeth had fallen asleep while he was inside, and now rested against Anarions chest. She seemed to be dreaming. Her eyes moved back and forth quickly as if watch someone, and she was smiling, but then her eyes slowed as if now just looking between things. Her smile disappeared, and tears rolled down her eyes while she softly cried in her sleep, and her little body shook softly against Anarions body. Anarions grip on his reigns tightened, and you could hear the leather speak loudly, his eyes seemed to be on fire. Grors looked the same, and he was wringing the top of the supply sack. Shadowfang turned to look at the child, and then neighed, shook his head, and stomped in anger.

They all had the same feeling. A deep rage for the servants of Sauron, and their complete disregard for life. Gror climbed onto Shadowfangs back, behind Anarion, and then said "Well lad, where to now." Anarion responded "The little girl, Elizabeth, and her brother, Arthur, have family in Bree. Which is in the same direction that the lead tracks had been going. So we head there, and hope that the creatures weren't going there. Then we find her family, and give her over to them. After which we will find those Dark spawn, and see if we can't take a toll from them for the pain they leave in their wake." Gror nodded then replied "Sounds like a bloody good plan to me." Anarion looked at the two She-Elves, and said "I know not what chance brought us together but if you wish to come then please do. We could use the extra hunters." He waited only a short time for there answers, and then he took off not waiting to make sure that the others followed. Once they reached the place where the tracks had broke off, he quickly turned west, and began to travel at a good run. He had work to do, and he would lose no more time. He would follow in darkness wake, and when he reached his destination he would fell no mercy, and no remorse, for the monsters he chased.

((I know, big post, but we need to get this thing moving a little faster. So here we go.))

Author:  TurefinweNarusse [ October 21st, 2014, 10:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Following In Darkness Wake

"Of course I will come," Narussë told them, dipping her head slightly. "I have spent the last two ages hunting the brood of Moringotto, why not do it with company?"

Narussë slipped her ivory flute from her pocket and played a sequence of eight notes, the last one she let carry far off, and it echoed off the hills and mountains.

She looked into the misty forest, as if waiting. It took fifteen minutes before a tall chestnut horse with a golden mane cantered lightly out of the woods.

Narussë smiled.
"Hantanyel, nildonya," she told him, stroking his muzzle gently.

Without saddle or bridle, she swung lightly up onto his back.
"Avuvangwe, Anarohtar."

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