The Music of the Midgewater
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Author:  Melanie [ April 28th, 2017, 7:31 pm ]
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Mariel watched as the glazier began to assemble the instrument together with pieces he had brought with him, and when he addressed her, she nodded wearily. Simultaneous ticking sound began to echo through the hall where Calypso and Thudpaw stood guard and as she turned around, Mariel saw small spiders approach the two. Thankfully the spiders were taken care of just in time before the glazier turned to Mariel with an expectant look on her face.
A breath escaped her lips and her eyes shifted between the instrument and the old man's eyes.
She didn't know if she was ready to see her future....especially because in the last vision she was lying unmoving on the ground. She swallowed then nodded her head and watched and listened.
Mere moments after the glazier blew the first note was when she felt the effects of his song. She saw herself, lying on the ground, and next to her lay her brothers' newly bloodied sword. Mariel felt herself gasp in shock as the vision shifted to reveal whose lay beside her.
It was Durian.
And he was reaching his hand out to touch her, but as he did so a shadow covered him. The vision shifted towards the shadow, and when it did, Mariel let out a frightened breath and took a step backwards but as she did so she stumbled on a rock but was able to catch herself.
"Stop! Please, stop! I....I have to go....forgive me, glazier....I wanted to help you,'s too much. I have to flee."
She glanced back at Durian as she spoke and she shook her head.

Author:  Hanasian [ April 29th, 2017, 5:53 am ]
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Durian wrapped Mariel in his arms and held her. He kissed her head and said,

"M'lady.... let us wait a little longer. we have come to find something you have had visions of. Let us not run now. I will stand here with you."

He held her as she pushed her face to his shoulder. Durian looked to the glazier and gave him a nod as he went on...

Author:  Melanie [ April 29th, 2017, 7:18 am ]
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Mariel hid her face into Durian's shoulder a bit reluctantly. After a brief pause, the music and the vision continued on.
The vision went on to fully reveal who was casting the shadow over Durian. It was her husband, and standing behind him other darkly dressed men. Although the lower half of their faces were covered, Mariel could see that they had sallow skin and that their faces were long. Mariel's eyes widened in utter bewilderment as she realized who these men were. Easterlings.
She saw her husband turn and clap hands with these men, then turn and speak with someone else, but she couldn't see his face. All she saw was the tree of Gondor embroidered on the fabric of his tunic. Another guard.
But why would her husband consort with Easterlings? And why did she appear to have wounded Durian? Was it the jealousy of her husband? And how did she come to handle her brother's sword?
The questions were beginning to overwhelm her, so she held out a hand to the glazier in the hopes that he would cease the music.
"Please, just for a moment."

Author:  Hanasian [ April 30th, 2017, 9:35 pm ]
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Hoping the glazier listened to Mariel, he held her and wiped a stray lock of hair from her face.
What was it she sees and hears? He reassured her and tried to settle her as the glazier went on...

Author:  Jax Nova [ May 1st, 2017, 4:55 pm ]
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The Old man nodded, stoping the music for a moment. "I am trully sorry... what you saw must have been... difficult."

He stood at the ready, instrument waiting as he had seemed to calm to an almost solemn mood with a long face.

Author:  Melanie [ May 2nd, 2017, 4:00 pm ]
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Mariel shuddered at the vision that continued playing on, even though the glazier had ceased the music.
"How much time do we-I have before...." she paused as she thought of the image of Durian lying on the ground in a small pool of blood. "before the vision comes to fruition?"
Her voice was quiet and full of fear. She should never have fallen with Durian....

Author:  Jax Nova [ May 2nd, 2017, 8:05 pm ]
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"I've never done this before," the old man admitted. "I've been waiting for this since my parents told me of it as a bed time story when I was a child. All I know is this instrument will give you the full vision and it's meaning. Once it does you must break it... inside there will be dust and I need you to pour it on my head. Only one who hears the music can transfer the ability to another. The dust will enable me to hear the music too with your touch."

Author:  Melanie [ May 3rd, 2017, 4:03 pm ]
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Mariel looked back at the glazier in shock.
"I beg your pardon?" She asked him in frustration, but stopped herself from saying something she would later regret. The man just wanted to hear the music that she was able to hear so easily.
"Fine. I will do as you say, glazier. You may continue."
With her prompt, the old man began to play a slightly different tune. As he played, Mariel closed her eyes and waited for the vision to play out.
In a matter of moments, she saw her husband speaking with the Easterlings while holding a parchment filled with ink. Her husband gestured to her as she lie on the ground, then as if to settle a bond, he clasped the forearm of the captain of the Easterlings, then walked to her.
"Stand up."
Mariel gasped as she saw herself stand, then she flinched when she saw her husband grab her arm and drag her to the waiting captain. The Easterling looked her over then nodded and made his signature on the parchment followed by her husband. She had just been signed away. By her husband.
Mariel could feel herself begin to cry as she listened to her husband and the captain tell her what she would do.
"You are going to be their spy for me. You will continue working at the taverns and inns, but your only...customers...will be Rangers, and other guards of Minas Tirith. Then you will give them the information and they will start a war. Sound good?"
Mariel had had too much. She couldn't bare it any longer, so she held up a trembling hand to the glazier. Within a moment, the vision ceased , but she was still left with the remnants of her heart.

Author:  Hanasian [ May 8th, 2017, 7:25 am ]
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Durian could see that Mariel was shaken by what she was experiencing, but he would not interfere and ask her anything right now.
There would be time to talk of it later. He put his hand on her shoulder in reassurance.

Author:  Jax Nova [ May 8th, 2017, 9:33 pm ]
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The old man again paused his music and let Mariel have a respite. His somg was nearly over and he could sense Mariel was nearing the fulfillment of her vision.

In the background the hallways had silenced from the tick of spider feet and Calypso stepped closer to the center of the room, giving the old man a knowing look that seemed almost forlorn. The old man's face gave a reaponse of peace and readiness yet a hint of sadness lurked behind his expeession.

Thudpaw stayed in the hallway, nearly vanishing into the dark shadows.

After a moment of peace the old man looked back to Mariel awaiting her words.

Author:  Melanie [ May 15th, 2017, 1:13 pm ]
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Mariel took in a few long shaky breaths as she stared at a rock pile by the glaziers' feet. As she took the time to calm herself, she couldn't help but fear this future that played out in her mind. She didn't want to harm Durian, and she didn't want to betray everything that her brother had fought for. For although she didn't particularly care for some of what the King had done, she couldn't deny the peace that had begun to spread once he took the throne.
Her thoughts were shattered as she looked up at the glazier, who was now awaiting her word. With a nod towards him, the music continued, as did the vision.
Now she saw herself wiping her tears away and shaking her head no. Her husband slapped her hard against her cheek, so much so that the motion caused her to fall onto her hands and knees. Fresh tears slid from her eyes and stung her cheeks as they fell, but she did not raise her head to meet her husbands'. Instead, she looked at Durian in sorrow. But then she saw him move! Her eyes widened and hope filled her as he looked into her eyes.
She saw him begin to rise up, so she too rose and went to him, but was interrupted by her husband grabbing her by the arm. Thinking quickly, she kicked him in the groin, then grabbed his sword and rushed back to Durian as he writhed in pain.
After tending to him, she picked up her brother's sword and held it in her free hand, then waited as the Easterling approached her with his drawn sword.
Not a moment later a Ranger rode towards them, and upon spotting the Ranger, the Easterling fled into the trees nearby.
Mariel quickly explained to the Ranger what was happening, and the Ranger, who looked over the document with the signatures deemed her husband a traitor and arrested him, then waved over the other Rangers who followed him to tend to Durian.
"These men will take you to a healer close to town. I can assure you that your husband will be justly dealt with."
"Thank you, sir."
Mariel dipped her head, then watched as Durian was carefully lifted by two Rangers and placed on a makeshift gurney, then placed onto a small cart. After getting in the cart, the Rangers began to make the journey to the local town so that Durian could get some proper treatment.
After this, the vision faded until she opened her eyes again to see the glazier standing in the center of the cave. As she looked at him, she began to notice a slight sadness in his eyes. Was he going die?
"Tell me, glazier...may I pour the sand over you now?"

Author:  Jax Nova [ May 15th, 2017, 7:30 pm ]
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With a deep breath and a gentle sigh the old man nodded. "Aye, I am ready. There is one thing you must know, however... I will not ask of your vision but if it be frightful as it seemed you can use this foresight to aid you in a better outcome but if you try and change too much there is no telling wjat other effects you might have... desirable or undesirable."

Author:  Melanie [ May 15th, 2017, 8:52 pm ]
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Mariel nodded once as she searched the glaziers' old eyes.
"Aye, I understand."
As she spoke, she left Durian's embrace and approached the elderly man. Once she was a few feet away from him, she began to perceive just how elderly he was. His eyes looked as though they had seen much, and yet there was a kindness and a hint of childlikeness in them.
Before she poured the sand over his head, Mariel smiled and rested a hand gently on his arm.
"Thank you, sir glazier. For everything. I will not soon forget you and what you gave to me."

Author:  Jax Nova [ May 15th, 2017, 9:44 pm ]
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As Mariel began to pour the sand over the old man's head his toothless smile widened and he began to hum a somg so different that it sounded like nothing from any known land. "At last..." he whispered. "Such sweet music!"

As he hummed bits and pieces under his breath a blue tattoo on the back of his neck began to glow and he stepped near Calypso and touched her cheek with his palm. In a flash of light blue light a glowing mark was left on her cheek when he removed his hand and the tattoo on the back of his neck was gone.

"Now," he told Calypso. "You are keeper of the Midgwater Music. It is fitting that the new keeper be able to actually hear the music. I will not leave you to obtain that on your own as the keeper before me." As he spoke of the keeper before him he gazed intently at the last statue in the line around the room. He moved over beside it and climbed up on the pedestal. "I bid you all a very fond farewell," he said. "And remember, Calypso and Mariel, you will forever more be able to hear the music. Let it guide you. It will tell you of things to come and lead you on many great adventures... if you let it."

With that the old man started slowly, from the head down, turning to sand. Just as the sand that Mariel had poured over his head. Once he was fully sand his statue slowly hardened into a tpugh stone like all the other statues in the row and beneath his statue a name was engraved... "Timothy Bombadil, 38th Keeper of the Midgwater."

Author:  Melanie [ May 15th, 2017, 10:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Music of the Midgewater

Mariel smiled and laughed at the glee that sprung like a fountain out of the glazier. Her smile faded slightly and she watched with curiosity as the old man bequeathed his powers to Calypso in the form of a transfer of a tattoo, and a glowing one at that. She then watched as he walked over to the clear pedestal and climbed it, but when she realized what was happening, it was too late. He had turned to stone.
A sudden weight of grief fell upon her, for although she had only just met this elderly man, she felt as though there was a camaraderie, a friendship. A shaky breath fell from her lips as she approached the now statue and looked upon the engraving. Tears began to fall down her cheeks and she nodded.
"I will listen to this music you showed me, Timothy. And I will always remember you."

(Aaahhhh! Such a good twist! :) )

Author:  Jax Nova [ May 16th, 2017, 7:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Music of the Midgewater

Calypso stood for a long moment, glancing at the others them to Thudpaw. "Well..." she finally spoke after a moment of silence for the old man. "I guess we are done here." She bent down and picked something up off the floor. It was the key that the old man had used to get into the door at ground level. She slipped it in her pocket and looked back to Thudpaw. "The way clear?"

"For now," Thudpaw growled, his gruff voice not softening in the face of the current events. "But I smell many spiders close by. We should go."

(Hehe thanks. :) I thought it would be neat and fun to write anywys! :) )

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