One Good Reason (Private RP)
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Author:  ~Goldleaf~ [ November 27th, 2011, 6:21 pm ]
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One Good Reason
***Private RP*** ~ Goldleaf & Will
Starring ~ Cairbre Eagle, Guinevere Elliot & Liam Gray
Set ~ Devon, England

It was a beautiful night. Leaning out of the bedroom window, Guin could see the stars, handfuls of luminous lights scattered across the inky expanse of night sky. Her ears were filled with the sound of the crashing sea below her. Once again she congratulated herself for having helped pick such a spectacular location for a home: a manor house on a cliff top in Devon, overlooking the ocean. They owned the land for several miles around, and also the beach below, which would be used for the ceremony tomorrow. Everything will be perfect, Guin told herself. She had planned the day down to the last detail. Nothing could spoil it.

Guin left the window, leaving it open to allow a pleasant breeze into the room. The sea-scented gust of air made the sleeves of her white nightgown shiver very slightly, making her resemble a spirit of the elements. On bare feet, she padded towards the bed and picked up the embroidered dressing gown hanging on the end. She slipped it over her shoulders and slid her arms inside, wondering whether to settle down and read a book or to go and find Cairbre.

Flopping down on the bed, she reminded herself that the bride and groom weren’t supposed to see each other the evening before their wedding. Not to mention the fact that her wedding gown was hanging on the outside of the wardrobe, and it was bad luck for her future husband to see it.

An annoyed exhalation of breath escaped Guin’s lips. How many hours was it till dawn? She felt impatient with excitement, wanting to be up and about, busy with preparations. The long hours of the night seemed incredibly frustrating. She leant against the pillows, and was suddenly alerted by a strange rustling sound.

She felt beneath the pillows and found a folded up piece of paper, inscribed with her name in Cairbre’s elegant handwriting. A smile curled her lips and she opened the note.


Cairbre was sitting in the kitchen, of all places, his feet propped up on the wooden table. The wedding guests that had infiltrated the house had decided to enforce superstitious wedding rituals – and so he’d been banned from his own room. Although he appeared calm on the outside, his hands arched in silent contemplation, inwardly he was brimming with anticipation and impatience, the same as Guin. It seemed that this night would go on forever. Nothing could distract him from thinking about tomorrow. His sister Rosalind had popped into the kitchen half an hour or so ago, suggesting a game of cards, but he’d rejected it. She’d then suggested a drinking game, but that was an even worse idea; he didn’t want to have a hangover on the morning of his wedding!

He rocked back in the chair, risking toppling backwards. He thought of Guin, wondering whether she’d found the note he’d left yet. He'd written it that afternoon, wanting to let her know once again just how much he loved her.

Within a few moments, a sudden noise distracted him from his thoughts. It could have been caused by any of their guests – but years of pirating gave him sharp instincts. Quickly, he dropped his feet down from the table and rose up, picking up his pistol and following the sound, which seemed to have come from the dining room. He kept his footsteps soft and careful. One of the windows had probably been left open – it was summer, after all. But there was no one who lived near them for miles around, which immediately made the nature of this intrusion more suspicious than your run of the mill burglary.

Raising the pistol, he pushed the door open with his foot. His face flickered with recognition, before being seized by an overpowering anger as he saw the figure standing in the moonlight by the window.

He didn’t lower the pistol. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t shoot you right this minute.”

Author:  Will [ November 27th, 2011, 7:56 pm ]
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[ Okay, this post turned out a bit too long! :P I intend to make shorter posts from now on! ;) ]

Liam walked over a quiet, dirty road over the cliffs. Dark rain clouds hovered over the sea- threatening. Yet the stars were visible in the sky above his head. The sun had long set and darkness was setting in, but Liam didn’t care. In the last town he was told that his destination was only a few miles away, but as he lacked the money for a carriage, there was nothing else to it but to walk.
He could see the grand house from far, located on the top of a cliff, in the corner of the rural Devonshire. Liam grinned at seeing the large manor, this was typically Guin: not able to be parted from the ocean – ever.

Lights were still burning in the many rooms of the house and as Liam walked through the perfectly kept garden, he felt the urge not to take the front door. The feeling of dread, that had tormented him for a long time now, once again threatened to master him. Once again, he felt the nagging doubt about whether it had been good to come. Hadn’t Guinevere purposely left her ship and crew to settle down and start a life with Cairbre? Had their farewell not been that awkward, almost detached? Would she have forgotten him by now?

Liam pushed away his feelings of uncertainty and spotted an open window on the ground floor. This could be a window of opportunity to enter the house without being seen by prying eyes.. He skulked, like a thief in the dark, towards the window, which apparently gave entry to the dining room. For a moment he looked at his reflection in the window and realised how much he’d changed: his hair was much longer, his face had become thinner, but his characteristic grin and mischievous look in his eyes still remained.

He threw his duffel bag on the floor and swung one leg over the windowsill when suddenly a cold voice sounded in the dark.

Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t shoot you right this minute.

Liam froze, cursed inwardly, believing himself to be the most unlucky man in the world. “Well, all those times I saved your life would probably make a pretty good reason..” Liam said, while carelessly swinging his other leg over the windowsill and picking up his duffel bag. He was not at all impressed by Cairbre’s threat. “But if you want to shoot me then for God’s sake, Eagle, shoot me but I daresay that you don’t have the guts to pull that trigger.”

Author:  ~Goldleaf~ [ November 27th, 2011, 8:21 pm ]
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(Awesome post, Will! :-D )

There it was again, that voice. Those mannerisms. Everything that made Liam the person who Cairbre despised more than anyone living. Cairbre could not recall the last time he’d felt so furious. What on earth was he doing here, in his home? Well. The answer to that was obvious. Cairbre took a few steps towards the window, running a cold glance over the other man and taking in his words, which only served to refuel his anger and hatred. Saved his life? When had that ever happened, in what strange alternative reality? Liam would have stabbed him through the heart if he could. “Constantly the comedian,” he remarked. He couldn’t help how dark his tone was; his old adversary tended to bring it out in him. He lowered the gun, his entire expression taut with anger.

“In case it had simply slipped your mind, you are trespassing on my property – clearly intending to chance upon my wife to be. You didn’t come all this way to exchange idle chitchat with me, did you?” he enquired sarcastically. He had stepped close enough to face Liam head on, his gaze unnervingly steady. He could scarcely believe Liam’s audacity, but at the same time, he could believe it. How lower could Liam get?

Cairbre shook his head very slightly, remaining very still and quiet. It was like the calm before the storm. Swiftly, he seized hold of Liam’s shirt collar before shoving him backwards. Cairbre was a strong man, taller than Liam, with more experience in battle. Even without a gun his odds for winning a fight were more than good.

“Who in god’s name do you think you are?” he asked him, his eyes blazing.

Author:  Will [ November 28th, 2011, 3:14 pm ]
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Liam looked at Cairbre's face, which was drawn with anger. But it was more than anger; his countenance showed resentment and biterness as well. The man was obviously furious to see him. However, this didn't really affect Liam, as Cairbre seemed to have hated him since the moment they had met. But still, it had been so long and Liam had somehow expected that Cairbre would have outgrown his childishness.

"Of course I'm not here to chitchat with you," Liam grinned, amused at how Cairbre was stating the obvious. "So why don't you just carry on with whatever you were doing and I shall go and find Guin." But when the man only lowered his gun and kept staring at him, Liam added: "Where are you waiting for? Go! Shoo!"

Then, suddenly, Cairbre grabbed him by his shirt and smashed him against the wall. Liam knew that Cairbre's anger had reached its boiling point, but his own anger was kindled as well. Cairbre had never let a moment pass to taunt him or to denigrate him in front of Guin. That would be over from now on, no longer would he be degraded by that pompeous elitist.
"You know perfectly well who I am," he sneered as he tried to push Cairbre away from him - without succes. "But you, Eagle, I've long wondered why Guinevere never discovered your true nature. But even I had not suspected you from such a cowardly deed of seducing her with only lies."

Author:  ~Goldleaf~ [ November 28th, 2011, 3:58 pm ]
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(Sorry if my post's a bit long! =) But since it's for two charries instead of one it's bound to be a bit lengthier :lol: Eeek, this is very exciting!)

Liam had gone too far for Cairbre to try and regain his calm now; they both knew that. Cairbre slammed Liam against the wall again, harder this time, with no attempt to restrain his strength. “My true nature?” he repeated, incredulously. “What on earth do you know about my nature? You’ve always acted as if you know me, haven’t you? You never have, and I doubt you ever truly knew Guinevere either.” He jostled Liam’s arm roughly. “You’re a vain deluded fool if you think what she and I have is in any way based on deceit. You think you can just walk into my house and try and go after the woman I love, the night before our wedding? You’ll not get any further than this room, because trust me, you’ll be out of here soon enough.”

Cairbre hated Liam even more for goading him into losing his temper to such an extent, especially since he was always so composed, but he couldn’t help it. Liam had come here knowing full well that he was in for a fight, and a fight was exactly what he had. Cairbre had thought that Liam belonged to the past, but now here he was again, interfering in matters he couldn’t possibly understand.

“What’s going on?”

Guin’s voice, which came suddenly from the doorway behind them made Cairbre turn his head. He let go of Liam, turning around fully. She stood staring at them, wrapped in her dressing gown, her red hair a tumble about her shoulders. The shock in her blue eyes was very clear as she looked at both men in utter confusion, before finally focusing on Cairbre, who was still pale with anger. Mutely, she held out her hand towards him, and he walked away from Liam, drawing in his breath and running a hand through his dark hair.

Guin took the gun from Cairbre’s hand and placed it on the mantelpiece, before drawing closer to him, her hands resting gently on his arms. She appeared to speak soothing words to him, out of Liam’s earshot, touching his shoulders and his neck reassuringly. “It’s alright…” was the only thing she said that would have been audible to Liam. Cairbre still struggled with his composure, his eyes closed, but when Guin’s slender fingers caught and entwined themselves with his, he took another deep breath and opened his eyes, giving her a small, rueful smile.

Guin smiled back and nodded. After a few moments, they both glanced towards Liam. It was Guin who moved forwards, her expression unreadable and stiff.

“Perhaps you’d like to tell me what you’re doing here, and at this hour of the night?” she asked, her tone polite and clipped.

Author:  Will [ November 28th, 2011, 5:01 pm ]
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[ I'm not sure if I can keep up this frequency of posting.. but here is my new post. And Goldy.. did you really have to be so hard on Liam? Now you scared him away! :P ]

As Liam’s head hit the wall for a second time, his arms moved up to break Cairbre’s iron grip, but to his annoyance he realised that Cairbre really was stronger than he was. He struggled to break free, but he was caught in Cairbre’s tight grasp and was forced to let all the bitter accusations wash over him. Yet when the other man mentioned the word ‘wedding’ Liam abruptly froze. He only looked at Cairbre in disbelief, for a moment believing that the man had only said that to torment him. But Liam realised that Cairbre was far too angry to be sly.

When suddenly a familiar voice sounded in the dining room, Liam’s heart skipped a beat. Guinevere stood in the doorway, looking even prettier than ever. Her auburn hair shone in the moonlight but shock was written over her usually pale face. Liam, who was vaguely aware that Cairbre released his grip, only looked at Guin and realised that she seemed not glad to see him. He watched how she comforted Cairbre and softly spoke to him, looking at him with a gaze of affection, every gesture filled with love and concern for him. Liam could almost feel his heart break. The thoughts and memories he had hold on to for such a long time, suddenly seemed ridiculous and untrue. He watched how they both turned to him in unison and addressed him as a stranger in their house, as a stranger in their lives. It suddenly became very clear to him that Guinevere purposely had disappeared from his life and never tried to contact him again. Cairbre was the only man in her life now, her heart now only belonged to him..

Liam slowly walked over to his bag and picked it up, not averting his gaze from the couple. It hurt to see them like that, but he somehow believed that he deserved it and if he only would look long enough, that he would finally believe that it all was over.
“I have made a grave mistake coming here..” he finally said, with a hoarse voice. “I’m very sorry for disturbing the night before your special day tomorrow. You will not see me again.”
And with those words he quickly jumped out of the window, disappearing in the moonlit park.

Author:  ~Goldleaf~ [ November 29th, 2011, 6:59 am ]
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(Don’t worry, you don’t have to post as speedily as me! :hug: It’s just that I always get super inspired and want to reply straight away :lol:
Aw, poor Liam =( But he was asking for it a little bit ;) )

A few minutes had passed since Liam’s departure, which had been just as sudden and unexpected as his arrival. Guin glanced towards the window out into the dark night, wondering where the man would go; the next town was miles and miles away, and would take several hours to reach. She heaved herself up from one of the dining room chairs, appearing very tired. “I think I’d better go after him,” she said, pulling on a pair of boots she’d left under the table, drawing the laces tightly. Cairbre’s eyebrows shot upwards.

“Go after him?” he repeated, a hint of alarm in his voice. “Guin…” his voice trailed away as she put her arms about him, her smile chasing away any worries.

“It’ll be pitch black out there soon and he’s not familiar with the cliffs. I want to make sure he doesn’t trip and break his neck,” she said to him. Her fingertips grazed his hair. “Also,” she added, solemnly, “I think he owes me an explanation – what on earth did he think he was doing?” There was a touch of anger in her eyes. “Did he know that our wedding is tomorrow?”

“I don’t think so, not until I told him straight out. Listen Guin, he isn’t worth your concern. He certainly came here with the intention of trying to win you back.”

“That’s pretty obvious, judging by the way you had him pinned to the wall. My love, you have nothing to worry about,” she assured him, heartfelt. “You do trust me, don’t you?”

“Of course I do,” Cairbre said, softly and sincerely, feeling guilty at the thought that she might ever presume he didn’t. “Of course I do.” He touched her hand where it rested on his jaw. “But that doesn’t mean I trust him.”


Guin set out into the night, wearing Cairbre’s long trench coat over her nightgown and dressing gown. She carried a lantern and walked through the gardens and parkland, shining the light this way and that to try and catch a glimpse of Liam. The light fell upon him a little way off as he walked away from the house, his entire stance indicating severe dejection.

“Liam!” she called out to him, her voice carrying across into the night clearly. “Do you know where you’re going?”

Author:  Will [ December 1st, 2011, 6:45 am ]
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Liam hardly knew where he was going. It didn’t matter, as long as it was far away. Far away from that beautiful mansion, where Cairbre and Guinevere would celebrate their wedding the next morning. Far away from Guin’s accusing look. He could hardly believe what just had happened. So much time had passed by since both Guinevere and Cairbre had left and he had not fared well. In the end he was left penniless and friendless and eventually decided to find Guin in England. All that time he had kept on believing that she had not yet made up her mind, that she still cared for him. That perhaps things could go back as they used to be.
But the cold welcome of Guinevere had shattered all his hopes. Although she hadn’t said that much, the look in her eyes ,when she had looked at him and when she’d looked at Cairbre, told him enough. They were in love and happy now. His presence was only considered as a potential threat, an intruder instead of a long lost friend.

When he was back in the open on the cliffs, Liam cast a approving glance at the threatening thunder clouds. Let it rain and let the storm commence. Let the elements rage, as his emotions raged inside him.

Then, out of the darkness sounded her voice again. Guinevere had followed him and had now almost caught up with him. Liam did not look at her and kept on walking. He hated her insistence in that moment.
“Yes,” he answered curtly. “Go away, Guinevere. For God’s sake leave me alone.”

Author:  ~Goldleaf~ [ December 1st, 2011, 7:57 am ]
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Hearing Liam’s abrupt words, Guin rolled her eyes and kept following him. The terrain was growing increasingly wilder as they’d left the gardens. Her annoyance had been goaded, replacing her concern. “Oh, I see,” she said, the ring of sarcasm very clear in her voice. “I should leave you alone. How silly of me.” Her footfalls were swift, and she soon caught up with him completely, falling into place beside him. “If memory serves, you were the one who burst into my home, provoked my fiancé into a fury, and then rushed off without an explanation. This is my business, so you can drop the sulking.”

She stopped walking, moving in front of him to bar his way. For a moment, she wondered if she had been too sharp, but she reminded herself that she had every right to be. “Why, Liam?” she asked him. She paused for a moment as she held up the lantern. Her arm was beginning to ache. Taking a second look at him, she could see that he’d changed; he was thinner than before. “You came here thinking I’d change my mind,” she said finally, answering her own question. Her tone was less barbed now; she still felt sorry for him, despite her irritation.

It was strange, seeing him again after all this time. A memory suddenly resounded in Guin’s mind; she remembered trying to explain to Liam that she was sorry, incredibly sorry, for hurting him but she couldn’t help it. It was inevitable. She loved Cairbre, and she would never stop loving him. How those words must have cut through Liam like a knife; but he seemed to have disregarded them, forgotten that they’d ever been spoken. Why else would he have come this far? It angered Guin that Liam had clearly believed that her feelings for Cairbre were changeable. He’d thought he could charge back into her life and that everything would have magically changed.

A longer pause stretched out, and Guin saw that it was unlikely that Liam would offer any kind of explanation. “Look,” she said, “you may say you know where you’re going but it’ll be too dark to see properly soon. If you won’t offer me any kind of explanation, if you insist on going without a word, then at least take this lantern. It won’t last that long but you’ll at least be able to see where you’re going.”

As she held the flickering light out towards him, safely encased in glass, she glanced up at the storm clouds looming over them; no doubt the rain would soon start falling. Just as this thought occurred to her, she heard a soft pattering noise and felt the rain begin to spatter down, streaking her skin, hair and coat with clear rivulets. “I’ll say goodbye, then. I’m sorry I’m saying it on bad terms but I thought it had already been said, and that you’d understood, a long time ago.”

Author:  Will [ December 1st, 2011, 11:56 am ]
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Liam cringed upon hearing Guinevere’s sarcastic reply. Her anger hurt; usually it was Cairbre with whom he quarrelled, but not Guin. But it was not just her anger: hearing her stick up for Cairbre hurt so much more. “Perhaps your hubby didn’t tell you, but he was the one who intended to shoot me when I arrived. But I’m sure that is a perfectly normal way to greet old friends.”

Only when Guinevere had blocked his way, Liam was forced to stop walking. He looked at her, frustrated but also with a sort of despair. She didn’t understand, really didn’t understand. He listened how she answered her own question, how she presumed to know what brought him here, but remained silent. He struggled to find the right words to make her understand.
Rain started to fall down, instantly soaking the layers of his clothing. The lantern, that Guin had given him, flickered but the flame did not extinguish as it was well protected by glass.

“Yes, I am the one who came back again,” Liam finally said. “I came back to see you, because you were my friend and I needed one. Letting you go was the worst thing that I’ve ever done… it was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced-” Liam’s voice broke and he paused for a moment, taking a deep breath. “I am a man who is in love with you, but love was not the motive for me coming here. You made it perfectly clear that you wanted me gone from your life as you never tried to contact me or left me your address. You moved on, but I didn’t, I couldn’t.”
In the light of the lantern a look of intense sadness was visible on his face as he continued: “The times I’ve been with you were the best of my life and I admit that deep down inside me, still there was still some hope left that things could be the way they used to be. But I should have realised that it is not possible.”

A bolt of lightning now illuminated the sky and by now the rain had completely soaked Liam’s clothes. “I shall go now and you will not see me again. Goodbye, Guinevere.”

Author:  ~Goldleaf~ [ December 1st, 2011, 1:24 pm ]
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“We both know that you and Cairbre were never friends, so let’s not pretend otherwise. Did you expect him to greet you with open arms? Pat you on the back and say, ‘Guin’s upstairs, go right on up and say hello’?” Sarcasm once again snatched hold of Guin’s speech, and she clenched her jaw to stop herself talking, knowing that she was hardly helping. She could see the acute misery in Liam’s eyes, hear it crack in his voice as he started speaking. As she did so, her expression transformed into astonishment; she hadn’t been prepared for the things he would say.

She suddenly realized just how much, how deeply, she had hurt him. It had never been her intention. She blinked slightly and shook her head, finding herself wanting to explain, to make amends, despite how angry she still was with him. “Yes, we were friends,” she said, quietly and steadily. “I know we were. As well as everything else. And I freely admit to cutting you out of my life, for want of a better phrase. But…” she paused, trying to find the words. The rain beat down mercilessly upon them, and she drew Cairbre’s coat closer about her, even though it was completely soaked by now.

She didn’t know how to respond to Liam’s confession that he still loved her, that he had continued to be in love with her despite everything. It was all too awkward, too strange. But she pushed onwards, knowing that there were things that needed to be said. “But do you really think our friendship could have survived, in reality? I thought it would be easier if you never saw me again. Just, easier. I believed that you would forget me in time.” Guin knew how awful that sounded in light of the fact that Liam had just now declared the opposite to be true.

Standing there in the rain, she had no idea what to say next. In her heart she knew that she could never make it up to him. How could they ever be friends, when Liam still loved her? When Cairbre hated the ground Liam walked on, and vise versa? When Guin loved Cairbre, adored him, with all of her being, all of her heart?

“I walked into your life that day in Port Royal,” she eventually said, her tone still hushed. “I became part of your life and only ended up hurting you. I’m sorry, Liam. Do you remember what I told you? That I could make you regret the day you ever met me? You should never have met me, never have become involved with me. It would have been better for you.” Her words weren’t accusing, but sad. She was blaming herself. “I am sorry. That does not help you, I know – but remember: I’m sorry.”

She turned then, acknowledging his goodbye with a small nod. The rain started to pour down harder, plastering her red hair to the sides of her face. She was beginning to shiver with cold. Guin thought of Cairbre, who would be waiting for her, and felt a rush of warmth fill her heart. Liam had been unlucky beyond words to get caught up in their world, their lives. Had he known, deep down, that one day it would end up like this? That Cairbre and Guin could never have been parted from each other? Or had he been filled with hope, with wishes for the future?

Either way, Guin knew that she had hurt him, and she did not expect him to forgive her. It seemed far, far too much to ask.

Author:  Will [ December 1st, 2011, 4:42 pm ]
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Guin’s words echoed in his head, over and over again, as Liam walked through the mist of rain. She’d thought that disappearing from his life entirely was easier for him. That their friendship never could have lasted. Or that it would have been for the better if they had never met. Had their friendship, or whatever it was they had shared, meant nothing to her? If it had meant anything to her, than she would never have said such a thing.

Before that fateful morning near the harbour of Port Royal, he had never met a person who’d ever treated him with such respect and kindness as Guin. He had constantly been between jobs and out of money, making more enemies than friends. Liam meant when he said that the years on the Anne Boleyn were the best of his life. After Guinevere and Cairbre’s departure, he had been forced to seek another ship and he soon found that in the real world of piracy friendship didn’t exist. One only helped another when there was something to gain, friends exploited each other and were easily discarded when they were of no use any longer. Disillusioned, he had returned to Port Royal only to become even more devastated than he already was. With the fond memories of the past still in his mind, he had set out to England.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to see where he was walking, even in the scarce light of the lantern. Liam shivered from the cold, but he hardly registered it. He could only feel the overwhelming heart ache. He was still deep in thought with all what had happened when he suddenly heard a dreadful cry far away. Liam immediately froze and looked over his shoulder, but there was only darkness.

“Guin!” Liam shouted. “Guin!”

When no answer came, he dropped the lantern and started running, running back to the place where the agonizing cry came from.

Author:  ~Goldleaf~ [ December 1st, 2011, 5:08 pm ]
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Guin lay flat on her back, staring up at the star-stained sky with tears in her eyes and pouring down her cheeks. Walking back towards the house as the night grew darker, she had lost her footing somewhat and tripped, causing her to tumble down a grassy slope and hit her head on a rock. The blood could not have showed up that much in her red hair, but she could feel it on her fingertips, her hand coming away slick as she attempted to examine her head. She tried to haul herself up to her feet, crawling limply across the grass, but she could not get far. Her head hurt so much… had anyone heard her cry, that single excruciating scream of pain?

Her limbs gave way to frailty and she collapsed down to the ground, face down, her eyes closing. She gave up to the pain, wondering if she would die here tonight, the night before her wedding day. Guin was unable to know the severity of her wound, and her agony left her to presume the worst. She heard herself whimper, and despised herself for what she saw as her own weakness.

Was she to die without anyone here to help her? Her sobs sounded in the darkness, and with one last effort, she pulled herself up, pressing her hands flat against the grass to steady herself. She looked around as best she could, her head lolling; she could just about make out the lights of the house, but it was too far for anyone to hear her from there. Too far for Cairbre to possibly have a chance of hearing her. Would she lie like an animal in the dirt, bleeding out till they found her next morning, dead when she should have been putting on her wedding dress?

You’re being weak, just stop it, stop it…

“Help,” she called out, feebly. Her voice was strained, but she pitched it as loudly as she could. Just then, she could begin to perceive the shape of a person running towards her in the darkness, in the direction she’d been walking. She’d been walking away from Liam. It was him, then. Her cheek brushed the grass again as she slumped back down. He had heard; he was coming to help her.

Author:  Will [ December 1st, 2011, 6:05 pm ]
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If Guinevere hadn’t called out for help, Liam would surely have stepped on her. In the darkness it was almost impossible to discern her. She had obviously tripped and fallen, but the fact that she didn’t give any sign of life, worried Liam the most. He fell on his knees and lay his hand on her chest: she was still breathing, but she was awfully cold. “Guinevere? Do you hear me? What happened?”
Panic overwhelmed him when Guin gave no response to his words. He lifted her head, trying to make her sit up and detect the source of her injury, but he couldn’t see anything that was wrong.

“Guin, please say something. Come on, wake up..”

But then he saw the scarlet liquid on his hands and the stains on his white shirt. He froze and for a moment he only stared at his bloody hands. The loud thunder woke him up from his state of shock and Liam quickly started to examine Guin. Although he could not see through the mass of wet, tangled hair, Liam knew that there was a large wound on the back of her head. She’d fainted, probably because of pain, or perhaps even because of something worse. One thing was clear: if they would stay here any longer in the pouring rain, without any source of light where Liam could examine the severity of her injury, Guin would certainly become hypothermic and only God knew if she had any internal bleeding.

Liam quickly grabbed his duffel bag and on the bottom he found a clean and a still dry shirt. He took Cairbre’s coat off and wrapped the dry shirt around Guinevere’s limp shoulders. He also took his scarf and wound it around her head, in order to dress the wound, before lifting her in his arms. He only threw one look at his bag and decided to leave it behind. The way back was long; the light of the house shimmered faintly,far away, and he had to be quick, so any additional weight had to be left behind.

How long it took him to carry Guinevere back to the mansion, Liam later could not recall. He did remember how he had pressed Guinevere’s limp body against his, to keep her warm and dry. He spoke to her, soothing words, the entire time, even though he knew that she was unconscious and could not hear him. Liam was chilled to the bone as he crossed the garden and almost ran towards the front door. For a moment, he hesitated before knocking on the door. Liam realised what was about to happen. He realised that if Cairbre, who had already wanted to shoot him earlier that night, would open the door to see his enemy carrying his fiancée, unconscious and bleeding, that all hell would break loose. But his concern for Guin won from his fear from her soon-to–be husband.

And if it weren’t for you, this would never have happened, a small voice in the back of his head said, if you had not come here, then Guinevere would not have been injured, or even dying.

Liam took a deep breath and mumbled “So be it..” and knocked on front door.

Author:  ~Goldleaf~ [ December 1st, 2011, 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: One Good Reason (Private RP)

Nothing could have prepared Cairbre for what he saw when he opened the front door: Liam carrying an apparently unconscious Guinevere in his arms. She was wearing a shirt over her nightclothes, and around her head was wrapped a scarf stained with her own blood. Cairbre’s skin drained with shock in that one moment. “What on earth did you do to her?” he demanded of the other man, his voice shaken and startled. The overwhelming anger and fear he felt made his hands tremble as it built up inside him, threatening to take over. Recovering himself quickly, he reached out towards Guin and gently shifted her from Liam’s arms into his, taking great care. He heard her murmur something inaudible. Without a word more to Liam, he turned and carried her through into the house with long, swift strides, not knowing whether Liam was following him.

He carried Guin quickly into the drawing room, setting her down onto the couch very carefully. He sat down by her side, unable to believe what was happening. He was aware of Liam standing in the doorway. “What happened?” he asked, without looking at him, touching his fingertips very lightly to Guin’s head, not wanting to hurt her. “You tell me what happened now or I swear to god…” his voice was shaking again. Forcing himself to think clearly and rationally, he knew that Liam hadn’t inflicted this on Guin – but that didn’t mean it wasn’t his fault. No. Guin had obviously been injured somehow, fell perhaps in the darkness as she walked back to the house, and that would never have happened if Liam hadn’t shown up, if she hadn’t decided to go after him…

Cairbre leant over Guin, touching her cheek, caressing her skin, hoping that she would open her eyes and that everything would be alright. “Guin… talk to me, please. Please.” Tears shone in his eyes.

Guin lay still on the couch like Sleeping Beauty, making no response. Cairbre could not bear it. He gathered her up in his arms, holding her against him and rocking her slowly, helplessly; she was damp from the rain, and felt fragile in his soft embrace. “Oh dear god, no… please…” Liam seemed to have disappeared for him; he didn’t care what he heard. “I love you so much, you can’t die… you can’t. My darling, just wake up… open your eyes…”

Suddenly, in the cradle of Cairbre’s arms, Guin seemed to move very slightly, her body shifting and her head turning against his shoulder. There was a glimmer of blue as her eyes flickered beneath their lids.

“Trying…” she murmured incoherently, “trying to open them. My head. Hurts.” She rested her brow against his neck exhaustedly, starting to cry weakly.

She was awake. She was awake, and she was alive. But she needed to stay alive, and the nearest doctor lived miles away and would take hours to get here. It would be too late by then. Cairbre lifted his head, still holding Guin, and looked at Liam. His gaze was stony; the fact that he blamed him could not be made more obvious.

“One of the wedding guests staying here will be able to help me. My sister can help me. You understand this is all because of you, don’t you? I don’t want you near her, Gray, I don’t want you to lay a single finger on her. You’ve done enough.”

Author:  Will [ December 2nd, 2011, 10:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: One Good Reason (Private RP)

Liam silently followed Cairbre into the drawing room. In the soft light of the candles he almost looked like a ghost; his guilt-ridden face was deadly pale and Guin’s blood was smeared over his face, hands and shirt. Water dripped from his hair and clothes on the floor. He could not have looked any more miserable than he was now. He watched how Cairbre lay Guinevere on the couch. She looked perfectly peaceful, almost as if fast asleep, but Liam knew that she was not asleep; how he wished that she was asleep, because than he only had to kiss her to wake her up..

“I- ..she-.. Guin was going home,” Liam answered, trying to keep his voice steady and find the right words but there was no way to justify what had happened. “She must have slipped and hit her head on a rock. I tried to find her, brought her back as quick as I could..”

Liam’s voice trailed off and he again remained silent, as Cairbre asked no further questions. He watched how Cairbre cradled his love in his arms, whispered words of love to her, begging her to wake up, begging to return to her beloved.
For Liam it seemed like he was caught in a nightmare without any chance to escape ; the love of his life had been mortally injured, the other man was sobbing over her lifeless body, their wedding day was only hours away. And he could only stand there, watching. He had done this to her. Her blood was literally on his hands. He only was to blame and therefore he was forced to stay, to make things right, to make amends.

As Guin uttered a few incoherent words, Liam took a few quick steps towards the couch, but upon seeing Cairbre’s threatening glance, he froze and stayed where he was. Relief was written on his face.

When Cairbre once again addressed him, Liam cast his eyes down. Telling him that he never intended for this to happen, that he would give his life in order to save that of Guin’s, would not make any difference. There was nothing he could do to excuse himself from what had happened, nothing he could do that would make Cairbre hate him a little less.

“Let me do something.. let me help,” Liam finally said quietly. “Please, tell me how I can help.. I will do anything-..anything”

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