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 Post subject: Guardians of the Nareim (Medieval Fantasy RP idea)
PostPosted: June 14th, 2017, 11:11 pm 
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Have an idea I have been tossing around for a while. It would be a medieval fantasy RP with touches of steampunk/techno stuff. Here is the opener. Thought I would post it to see if anyone thought they would want to give it a go.

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor who came to be known as something of a "Mad Scientist" to the world... at least to this world.

In another dimension there live a mystical people known as the Nareim. Three thousand one hundred and twenty seven years ago in Nareim history an age of great learning sprang up, seemingly out of nowhere. The people began creating technological devices far beyond their medieval capabilities. Along with these devices, however, came the greatest threat the Nareim had ever faced. An unnamed enemy, cloaked in shadow, emerged from a strange portal on the far reaches of the map. A portal, not unlike the one left unrecorded in Nareim historical accounts. The Nareim portal, however, had only been used once and sat atop the pinnacle of the castle of Nareim's King and supreme ruler. Legend claimed that a stranger built the tower and device then used it to vanish, never to be seen again. He left behind only his teachings and his machine.

As the weeks, months, and years progressed, and the strange new enemy pressed hard on the Nareim boarders, the teachings and very existence of this strange traveler were lost in the pages of untold history. There were some who carried on his teachings, mostly preserving the more powerful weapons in an attempt to gain an edge over the ruthless invaders from the far reaches of the map, known only as the Grauls. This name given for the one and only sound they are reported to make upon dying. Their hissing voices sounding reptilian and eerily cold.

The Grauls, though easily outmatched in a one to one battle, possessed great numbers and beat upon the Nareim like water on stone. Time passed and pursuit of knowledge fell to pursuit of survival. Hundreds and thousands of years passed by until the leaders of the Nareim saw no other option for survival but to use the machine atop their ruler's tower. They were the last of the humans in this world and the Grauls were bent on wiping out every last one of them. According to legend the strange device atop the tower of the castle not only could send people away but could also bring people into their realm. Upon activating the device it was uncontrollable and randomly transported unspecified numbers of individuals into the new realm and would send their location to those watching over the machine with a strange electronic projection.

The rulers of the Nareim organized tournament for these newcomers. Many would fail and spend a servants life in the castle and city of Nareim, most would be sent to war against their will and fall in battle against the Grauls or be "retained" for marriage to add new genetics to the failing gene pool of the shrinking Nareim people... but a few would rise to greatness among the Nareim and be named Guardians of the people. The tournaments continued and the longer they did the more base and void of moral conviction they became. Three hundred and sixty eight years later the device atop the tower surged with a greater pulls than ever witnessed and a new group of potential "Guardians" were brought to Nareim lands. This group was different, however. While most arrived in Nareim lands with little to no skill for battle, these arrived with skill and cunning that made for the greatest tournament in Nareim history and perhaps... Perhaps the annihilation of the dreaded Grauls. This section of history, however, is yet to be written.

Join the Nareim... or even the Grauls... if it be your choosing. Fight to save the human race and perhaps even redeem it from itself.



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