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The Council of Elrond ~ Integral Story Information or Boring Filler
Yes! ~ It gives deep understanding of the overall story. 100%  100%  [ 3 ]
Yeah, it is worth reading as it introduces several characters. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Meh - I can take it or leave it. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Nah, doesn't really do much for me. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
No! ~ It was a complete waste of time and paper. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Total votes : 3
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 Post subject: The Council of Elrond ~ Opinions the Book Chapter
PostPosted: April 18th, 2019, 10:13 pm 
Dunedain Ranger of Arnor
Dunedain Ranger of Arnor
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A-U Moderators wrote:
Feel free to start new threads, even if they're similar to locked ones. Let's bring life back into the Fellowship.

This is a resurrection of the question asked in this thread that was locked down a number of years ago when an attempt at reviving discussions here was made.

I tossed out a range of options in the pool to cover the spectrum.

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I voted Yes as I was completely intrigues with all the characters introduced and th elore that was presented. It was key to my understanding the story the first read.

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 Post subject: Re: The Council of Elrond ~ Opinions the Book Chapter
PostPosted: April 19th, 2019, 11:28 am 
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Very definitely yes. It is perhaps JRRT’s most brilliant piece of writing in his entire legendarium, with his ability to shift modes of speech to fit the various characters, from Elrond to Sam (which is almost as far apart as you can get in Middle-earth, at least in the Third Age) – and perhaps the part that the thunderingly tone-deaf “modernist” critics starting after complete publication of LoTR have been least able to understand, to their eternal shame. And to stay with externals, it is, to simplify the matter, as Tom Shippey points out in “The Road to Middle-earth” (I just finished reading his 2003 third edition, which I had to order), the point at which JRRT stopped writing a “New Hobbit” and started writing the LoTR.


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