Making A-U a Safer Place
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Author:  A-U Moderators [ November 29th, 2006, 6:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Making A-U a Safer Place

You may have noticed that over the last few months, there has been an incredible amount of strange people joining the forum, advertising things from online casinos to medications to.... icky stuff. :blink: Many of them have started posting in the forum, too.

Because of this, we've made a few changes around the forum. The first one is that new accounts will have to have to be approved by a Moderator in order to be activated. That way, we can delete those perverts right away, and much less risk of them posting.

The second change is with the Green Dragon (Your Life) board. You now MUST be logged in before viewing this board. This is for our members' safety, since many people post pictures of themselves, as well as personal information there. And we doesn’t want any wackos viewing that, does we, precious?

Change number three, however, we believe will do the most for making AU an even safer community. Arwen has made it so that only members who are logged in may view your profile information! That means, your email, IM, etc are now FAR safer from any wackos. 8)

The mod team will try to activate new 'real' members as soon as possible. We know that a lot of you are usually reluctant to join forums or websites that require activation, because you never know how long it will take, and sometimes you just decide, "eh, forget about it, it's not worth it." But have no fear, it is at the top of our to-do list, and we will not abandon new members. xD

Yay for spam-prevention!

The majority of this message was written by Arsarniel. But Elvawen wrote some of it, and Arwen the webmaster provided ideas, and Elvawen posted it because she wanted to post an official announcement. |posts official announcement| =D

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