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 Post subject: Cleaning Up the Forum: A Note to All Members
PostPosted: January 3rd, 2011, 2:49 pm 
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Dear Loyal Members:

We owe you an apology. Over the past couple years we have enforced the rules poorly. You, the members, have showed increased maturity as is evident by the

1- lack of threads containing infighting.

2- lack of threads containing vulgar pictures or language.

Great job, members! Please forgive our lack of presence.

What we have noticed since several of us have returned is hundreds of pages worth of posts that don't follow the "post with content" rule. This means we have had to move some to be in accordance to the rules.

Now, we knew this wouldn't be popular on three counts.
1- It hasn't been in the past when we've moved just-started threads to Misc. Randomness. Makes it 50x more annoying to you, the loyal members of this forum, when you have been able to continue these games for 50, 80, 100+ pages! Totally understand.
2- The other reason is that your own post count goes down when things are moved to misc. randomness. Post count is important to you, the members. It's a very visible sign of loyalty, friendship, involvement in the site.
3- Many of you see the "post with content" rule silly. The reason for this rule (not just posting a title) is the regular forum is for discussion, conversation. Misc. Randomness was created to house the threads that are discussion-less and conversation-less. That's why threads like that have been moved there. Regardless of how individuals feel about them. It's our job. We don't make the rules. Arwen does.

We're sorry we didn't make these announcements to you, the loyal members of the site, before starting to move the threads and at least give you a heads-up that it was about to occur.

Please feel free to give *positive suggestions* for enlivening the forum that also follow the rules. We also ask that you, the members, will be mature and gracious in how you interact with the few moderators when they post in your suggestions threads and not vent your anger out on them. A few of you have done this and spoken in a sassy way to some of the returning mods. In the past, this would have automatically resulted in a strike. In the future, it will. There are politer, more mature ways to deal with your frustration and communicate with the moderators.

Please realize that we are adults now. Some of use are married with children, or have full-time jobs. Some of us are still in college. This is one job that can take hours of time, receive very little thanks, lots of flack, and no monetary compensation.

We appreciate your cooporation and understanding. We expect your respect, and ask that you will have patience as we try to get more in the swing of things. We ask for your cooporation and positive suggestions for moving, un-sticking, and starting new threads. There's a thread Ivreniel created expressly for this purpose in the Suggestions Forum.

Thank you for your efforts (they have been fruitful), your respect, and your amazing loyalty!


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