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Author:  Arwen the webmaster [ May 2nd, 2011, 4:06 pm ]
Post subject:  New forum skin!

Hello everyone! As you know, we're in the midst of a gigantic revival, and that includes working on a new layout for both the main site and the forum. The main site layout isn't quite ready to go yet, but we have a new GREEN forum skin for you to test out, thanks to header graphics by Johnny's Fan and everything else by ErulisseEnethNin (amazing job, both of you :-D). We haven't made the green skin the default yet and we'd love your input before we officially switch over!

So, want to try it out? Here's what you do:

1) Haul yerselves over to your UCP (user control panel)
2) Click on Board Preferences
3) Under My board style, select A-U Green from the dropdown menu.
4) Click submit
5) Click on any link, and you'll find yourself in a lovely forest
6) To go blue again at any time, go back to My board style and select A-U (not green), and you'll revert to the old template.

Enjoy! We're giving comments and suggestions in the A-U Layout thread in the Revival board ( viewtopic.php?f=51&t=21147 ), so if you've got anything to say, feel free to weigh in :)

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