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 Post subject: Member Code (for talking via pm)--updated 9.29
PostPosted: July 14th, 2006, 3:40 am 
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It has come to attention lately that there has been alot of posting about relegion and politics, things that are against our rules here at Arwen Undomiel.

So a system has been created for talking to people via pm. This 'code' system, is basically a bunch of little symbols you put in your banner so people know what sort of topics you are willing to talk about via pm.

While certain topics are banned here on the forum, you may discuss things between other members trough PM.
While we dont encourage you to talk about certain topics on the forum, we do encourage you to realise that there is a time and place for everything.

For those who want use this system of PMing others about certain topics, I do enccourage you to be wise and mature about it.

Do not use this as an excuse to preach your bliefs onto others.
Do not use this to argue with others to make them feel insignificant,
Send messages to others that you yourself would feel comfortable receiving.

If a member receives an abusive private message, please forward that message to a moderator and a mod will deal with that individual.

Ok now for the system.
In your banner area, enter in the symbols '[' and ']'
These brackets with segregate the pming symbols from symbols that people use as embelishment in their banners.

Between these brackets you put in the symbols representing the topics for which you dont mind being pm'ed about.

for instance [$?:^] means that that individual would talk to you about girl problems, likes to get random pm's, likes to discuss the state of the world, and would pray for others.

Here is the list of symbols.

    ! Likes to critique fanfic

    + Likes to discuss about relegion [relegion in general, all relegions included] (note, please dont use pm to preach to others if they have oposing beleifs)

    ~ Likes to talk about relegion, scriptures and such (not in the debating sence)

    @ Likes to Debate about relegion

    ^ Will Pray for others . There is a private prayer group. PM The Nightingale or Drew's Destiny for more information.* Likes to talk/discuss about politics

    $ Will talk about 'girl problems'

    % Will talk about 'guy problems'

    = Will discuss relationships

    # Will talk about life issues

    _ Will answer any questions relating to drugs/alcohol

    ? Likes to get random Pm's from people

    & Will councill those who need it

    : Likes to discuss the state of the world.

    ; Likes to discuss the current laws

please use this wisley. This is for your benefit, it was created for you members. If any of thse topics leak onto the forum the member in question will be dealt with accordingly.

I hope you enjoy using this system, and remember, its for private messaging only

(Also, If you have any questions feel free to pm me)

We're one world, one people weather we like it or not.. we can pretend we're divided into races and countries.. But the reality is that it is one world and it is one people.

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