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 Post subject: How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously: 5
PostPosted: March 14th, 2024, 5:20 am 
Movie Extra
Movie Extra

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How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously? There are 6 effective methods to be able to observe the contents of an account, without revealing our identity. Let's see how this can be done.

Watch Instagram Stories

Today, one of the most popular social networks, Instagram, allows users to find out who exactly watched their stories. But in fact it is not very convenient when we want to remain anonymous and see someone's story.

For example, do you want to know what your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is doing or who has decided to unfollow and remain unnoticed? In other words, are there ways to watch Instagram Stories anonymously?

The answer is yes, and it can be done regardless of whether you are a follower of this person or not. Some applications and techniques allow you to hide the name in the list of those who have seen the story.

Let's discover these anonymous tools for viewing Instagram stories!

Note: Most of these methods will only work if the account you want to view anonymously is public.

Why use methods to watch Instagram stories anonymously

Instagram stories have made something of a revolution. In a 15-second video or simple photo, a person can show what they are doing and what is happening around them in real time. Such stories do not overload the Instagram feed, where the quality of the publication remains higher. Instead, on the contrary, they complete the visual image of a person, brand or company.

Even though Instagram is a fairly open social network, you can anonymously view the pages of any blogger, brand, competitor, and even ex. But if you want to see Instagram story, then you are no longer anonymous. And these people in the list of displayed profiles can also find your nickname.

Few would like to reveal their identity. Also, IG stories disappear after 24 hours. But what if the viewing user doesn't want to let it be known? How to download stories and watch without him knowing?

To do this, there are 6 working and safe ways to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Method 1: Using online services

The fastest, easiest, and safest way to view Instagram Stories is to use an online service. If you think you have to download or register, you're wrong. These services work online. They do not need to be downloaded or registered. They have no restrictions on use.

Instagram Stories are also often multifunctional. They provide not only viewing of Instagram stories, but also the ability to download Instagram content, tools for searching hashtags, fonts, scheduled publishing functions, and even a built-in messenger with many functions to maintain instant communication with customers.

How does it work:
Copy the link to the Instagram profile of the person whose stories you want to watch anonymously.
Paste a link to the selected service into the search field.
Click “Download”.
Now the service will show you all the recent stories of this profile. If there are several, you can choose the ones you want to download or just watch.

*Note: Any Instagram content is shown in the quality in which it is uploaded. If you want to download it to your PC or phone, the service will download it without losing quality and full resolution without watermark.

If you still doubt this method, here is a list of proven services that work not only quickly but also safely: ( (

Method 2: Using a Fake Profile

If you need to access Instagram Stories and keep them anonymous, it's easier to use a fake profile. It opens by viewing your history in Instagram incognito without registration, but only open accounts.

How does it work:
A new full-fledged Instagram page is created with a link to a new phone number or email.
Login, Password: Must not match current page.
The profile is full of data, stocked with photos, videos and contacts. This is necessary to avoid being banned.
Random followers are also needed for profile credibility.
By using a fake page, you can openly view stories anonymously without linking to products, applications, etc. of third parties.

Method 3: Using browser extensions

When online services and fake accounts seem too simple or, on the contrary, complicated, there is as an alternative a special extension for the desktop version of the Chrome browser, the IG Stories plugin for Instagram.

Free, without registration, easy to use - that's how you can describe it. Available in the Chrome Store. It is easy to find by name through search and installation.

How does it work:
Immediately after installation, the plugin is ready to watch Instagram Stories anonymously online. The corresponding icon will appear at the top of the screen.

Access to Instagram Stories will be opened via the extension. You need to click on the icon, go to the social network profile and then through the feed with relevant posts in a standard way. You can look at all public accounts publications. The system does not read the views and, respectively, complete anonymity is maintained. It's easy to check:

View the story via a browser with the extension.
Log in to your account from your smartphone.
Open the post feed.
A purple circle should appear around the avatar of the user whose posts have been viewed. It means that the system did not take the display into account.

The plugin is suitable for hidden viewing of followers' profiles and all open Instagram accounts.

Also, you can download stories through it. For this, there is a “Download” button on the left.

The correct functioning of the extension can be understood by the activity of the icon on the screen. If it disappears, the plugin will stop working. Usually, the reason is that the browser is not updated in time.

Method 4: Using Telegram Bot

If you are an active Telegram user, this method is for you. Using Telegram, you can track user stories while maintaining anonymity. A new view will appear in the profile statistics, but its author will remain unknown.

How does it work:
Through bots, you can watch and download stories, photos or videos according to the scheme:

Add the bot name @igspybot to your Telegram search.
Open the chat dialog with the bot and write the nickname of the account whose stories interest you.
Almost instantly, the bot will send stories from the profile.
To access the file you need to download it to your smartphone.
A similar spy bot is @Instasave_bot. You need to enter the user's nickname in the message to download the necessary IG content. The bot will offer a story to choose from. However, before viewing them, you also need to download them.

Method 5: Using Airplane Mode on Your Phone

Another working and rather unusual way is to use airplane mode on your phone. You just need to activate it before you want to check someone's history.

The general idea of the method is that Instagram automatically loads several stories as soon as you open it. Thus providing a quick view. However, the feature only works if there is a stable Internet connection on your phone or Wi-Fi.

How does it work:
The visualization scheme is developed in these steps:

Open the desired Instagram profile.
Turn on airplane mode on your phone.

See also:

 Post subject: Re: How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously: 5
PostPosted: March 28th, 2024, 8:41 am 
Movie Extra
Movie Extra

Joined: 28 March 2024
Posts: 8

Thanks for the info! I've been wondering for a long time if I could do that

 Post subject: Re: How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously: 5
PostPosted: May 27th, 2024, 11:17 am 
Rider of Rohan
Rider of Rohan

Joined: 04 February 2023
Posts: 137

To watch Instagram Stories anonymously, you can use third-party websites or apps designed for this purpose. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

Find a Reliable Anonymous Viewer: Search for a trusted anonymous Instagram story viewer online.
Enter the Username: On the chosen website or app, enter the Instagram username of the account whose stories you want to view.
View Stories Anonymously: The tool will display the stories without notifying the account owner that you’ve viewed them.
Remember to ensure the service you use is reputable to protect your privacy and data security.

 Post subject: Re: How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously: 5
PostPosted: May 27th, 2024, 11:20 am 
Rider of Rohan
Rider of Rohan

Joined: 26 January 2023
Posts: 129

Finding StoriesStalker Instagram story viewer has been a game changer for me! It's free, user-friendly, and has revolutionized the way I interact with Instagram Stories. This tool allows me to discreetly view Stories from any device—desktop, iPhone, or Android—without anyone being aware. It's perfect for quenching my curiosity while maintaining my privacy. If you appreciate both privacy and flexibility, I can't recommend this tool enough!

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