The Big Book of Little Tutorials
Short tutorials for random uses

Disable hotlinking

Just follow the tutorial at You'll need FTP access for this.

Disable an index list of a folder

If you have a folder named "folder" and it has a file named something like "index.html" in it, if a visitor types in the URL, they'll see the index.html page. However, if you don't have an index file in the folder, visitors will see the default list of the contents of the folder. To stop this without putting an index page in the folder, open up a text editor like Notepad or NoteTab, and paste the text "Options -indexes" (without quotes) into it. Save the file as htaccess.txt. Upload it via FTP to the folder you want, and rename it to ".htaccess" (w/o quotes). If you already have a .htaccess file, just copy the new line into the existing file and re-upload it.

Disable right-clicking to prevent image stealing

Use the generator at, but remember that, as the generator says, there is no fool-proof method to stop people stealing your images. Also, if you've taken the images (such as images for a LotR gallery) from another site, it's not right for you to take them and then disable right-clicking so no one else can take them.

View how many users are online

There are a couple possibilities. The method I use is this code: <!-- Start --> <a href=""><script src=></script> online</a><br><!-- End --> Just replace "" with your site's URL. The other method is to download free software from

Pop-up window

To make a link to a page that will pop up in a new window set at a specific size, use the generator here.


The easiest way to make the thumbnails is to create one folder for the big images (you could call it "images") and one for the thumbnails (try calling it "thumbs"). Save your big image in the image folder. Now open it up in your image program and crop a perfect square out of it. Using the resize tool, shrink it to somewhere between 50x50 and 100x100 pixels (I use 60x60, but any dimensions between those sizes work well). Save this image in your thumbnail folder, using the same name you used for the original image. Upload both folders and their respective images to your site. Now use this code to make the thumbnail link to the original image (replace with your site's URL, the "images" and "thumbs" with your folder names, and "image.jpg" with your picture's name):

<a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>