A Shortcut to Mushrooms/Bucklebury Ferry

[Sam and Frodo in the Shire]

Sam: Mr. Frodo? Frodo? Frodo? I thought I'd lost you

Frodo: What are you talking about

Sam: It's just something Gandalf said.

Frodo: What did he say?

Sam: Don't you lose him, Samwise Gamgee. I don't mean to.

Frodo: Sam, we're still in the Shire. What could possibly happen?

[they get run in to by Pippin and Merry]

Pippin: Frodo! Merry, it's Frodo Baggins!

Merry: Hello Frodo!

Sam: Get off him!

Frodo: What's the meaning of this?

Merry: [pushing vegetables into Sam's arms] Hold these.

Sam: You've been into Farmer Maggots' crop!

Farmer Maggot: [yelling indistinctly] Get out of my field!

Merry: I don't know why he's so upset! It's only a couple of carrots!

Pippin: And some cabbages! And those three bags of potatoes that we lifted last week. And-and then the mushrooms a week before!

Merry: Yes, Pippin, my point is, he's clearly overreacting! Run!

[they fall over the hill]

Pippin: Oh. That was close.

Merry: I think I've broken something. Oh!

Sam: Trust a Brandybuck and a Took.

Merry: What? That was just a detour. A shortcut!

Sam: A shortcut to what?

Pippin: Mushrooms!

Frodo: I think we should get off the road. [There is an eerie cry, the road becomes spookier] Get off the road! Quick!

[They hide under tree roots. A Ringwraith appears, sniffing and moving along the ground. Frodo nearly puts on the ring, but Sam stops him. Merry throws the bag of mushrooms to distract the Ringwraith while they run away.]

Merry: What was that?

[Frodo looks at the Ring]

[The Ringwraiths move through the forest]

Sam: Anything?

Frodo: Nothing.

Pippin: What is going on?

Merry: That black rider was looking for something - or someone. Frodo?

Sam: Get down!

[A Ringwraith appears]

Frodo: I have to leave the Shire. Sam and I must get to Bree.

Merry: Right. Buckleberry Ferry. Follow me!

[The hobbits run through the woods - a Ringwraith impedes Frodo while the others run]

Pippin: Frodo! Run!

Merry: This way, follow me!

Pippin: Frodo! Hurry! Run!

Sam: Frodo!

Merry: Get the rope, Sam!

Sam: Frodo!

Hobbits: Run Frodo!

Frodo: Go!

Hobbits: Hurry!

Sam: Frodo! Come on!

Pippin: Come on, Frodo!

Sam: Come on, faster!

Pippin: Jump!

[Frodo makes it onto the ferry, the Ringwraith and two others ride away]

Frodo: How far to the nearest crossing?

Merry: Brandywine Bridge. Twenty miles.

[The hobbits arrive at the gate of Bree]

Frodo: Come on.

Gatekeeper: What do you want?

Frodo: We're heading for The Prancing Pony.

Gatekeeper: Hobbits? Four hobbits! What's more out of the Shire by your talk. What business brings you to Bree?

Frodo: We wish to stay at the inn. Our business is our own.

Gatekeeper: Alright young sir, I meant no offense. It's my job to ask questions after nightfall. There's talk of strange folk abroad, can't be too careful.

[The hobbits move nervously through Bree, as it is large and unfamiliar.]