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 Post subject: (Sean Bean) Ca$h
PostPosted: April 11th, 2010, 10:22 pm 
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Sean has been a busy bee lately hasn't he? :lol:

Now that the movie is out in Theatres and not just on my computer... I can talk about it properly. :P

I personally loved this movie. The aspect of it is something pretty much everyone can relate to. Everyone is in need of money for something in these times. Like myself for example: I could really use a spot of cash for college classes, a new car (since I still don't have a new one since my crash a little over a year ago), and a few media supplies for hobbies (maybe a video camera, a few editing programs, and a Mac computer (since they were designed for audio and visual programs).
So what would happen if a suitcase with over a half of a million dollars in cash landed in front of me or on my dad's truck while I was driving it? We can all say "well, I would turn it in." However it is one of those things that we really won't know unless we are put into that situation. That is exactly what happens in this film.
Sam and Leslie Phelan (Chris Hemsworth & Victoria Profeta) did what I'm sure most would have done in that situation. They decided to keep the money. Things change dramatically when Pyke Kubic (our lovely Sean Bean) come knocking on their door demanding his money back. Might I add that Sean plays twins in this movie. My mind turned dirty really fast once I found that out. :drool: *snaps back to reality* What was I talking about...? :whistle: I don't want to give away too much else. :P Sean "pull(s) (Sam and Leslie) deeper and deeper into a desperate spiral of deception and violence... All in the name of cash." It is a very believable and subtle psychological thriller.

As for the acting aspects of the film: Sean is wonderful and amazing (as usual) and Chris was also really wonderful. The guys were great but there was something about Victoria that kind of bothered me at times. :X I felt there were times when she didn't commit quite enough the character and the situation she is in. I think her character in general just kind of irked me. Sometimes she was really cool and other times I sat there thinking... "Wow. Are you serious right now?" The boys are wonderful though.

I would recommend seeing Ca$h if you can. It seems the movie won't be making a theatre appearance outside the USA but it will be available on DVD in the UK on 1 March, 2010. According to

For those of us here in the US. It turns out Ca$h is only in select theatres nationwide. You can find a full list of theatres HERE. The trailer for the film is at the top of the page feel free to take a gander. ;) Go AMC 30 Covina! You guys are amazing! I though I was going to have to go 20 or 30 miles away to see this. Nope, I only need to go 2.4 miles. XP

Still happily married to Sean Bean! (05-Feb-2010)

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