Pencil Art

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Aragorn by Jon Snow @ The Argonath by Mithril-Undomiel Arwen by Mithril-Undomiel Aragorn and Arwen by Dobby’s Master Aragorn & Arwen by Nienke
A Fond Farewell by Elarwen Nimloth Aragorn by Abrynne Arwen by Valaina Arwen by Alessandra The Balrog by The Sword of Nankar
Elijah Wood by Abrynne Elijah Wood #2 by Abrynne Elijah by Cassie Eomer by Wild Huntress @ Eowyn Daughter of Kings by Miriel
Eowyn by Valaina Faramir by Camilla Faramir by Silver Fate and Fear by Eruadan Frodo by Abrynne
Frodo by Eruadan Frodo by Mithril-Undomiel Galadriel by Eruadan Gandalf by Alessandra Gimli by Ainu Laire
Gimli son of Gloin by Adorindil @ Haldir by Silver The Grey Havens by Mithril-Undomiel I Am An Old Man Gandalf by Adorindil @ The Lord of the Rings by Nienke
Good Morning Mr. Baggins by Jon Snow @ Professor Tolkien by Jon Snow @ The Battle for Middle-earth by Adorindil @ Boromir son of Gondor by Adorindal @ Frodo Baggins Elijah Wood by Yoru07 @
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