FotR Screen Captures
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A * indicates a new scene from the Extended DVD; a ** indicates an extended scene

Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All...**

Concerning Hobbits*

The Shire**

Very Old Friends**

A Long-expected Party**

Farewell Dear Bilbo

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

The Account of Isildur

At the Green Dragon*

The Shadow of the Past

The Passing of the Elves*

Saruman the White

A Short Cut to Mushrooms

Bucklebury Ferry

At the Sign of the Prancing Pony

The Nazgul**

The Midgewater Marshes*

The Spoiling of Isengard

A Knife in the Dark

The Caverns of Isengard

Flight to the Ford**


Many Meetings

The Fate of the Ring

The Sword That Was Broken**

The Evenstar

The Council of Elrond**

Gilraen's Memorial*

Bilbo's Gifts

The Departure of the Fellowship*

The Ring Goes South**

The Pass of Caradhras**


A Journey in the Dark**

Balin's Tomb**

The Bridge of Khazad-dum


Caras Galadhon**

The Mirror of Galadriel**

The Fighting Uruk-hai

Farewell to Lorien**

The Great River**

Parth Galen

The Breaking of the Fellowship**

The Departure of Boromir**

The Road Goes Ever On...

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